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Elevated temperature forming of 7xxx series aluminum sheet for automotive applications

2016/17-2019/20 • $370,399 • PI
High strength aluminum sheet is a promising new material for automotive structural parts that has the potential to reduce vehicle weight, increase fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. High strength aluminum sheet, however, has limited ductility and formability in room temperature...

Plastic deformation and forming behavior of high strength aluminum alloys for automotive applications

2017/18-2019/20 • $84,000 • PI
The forming of low strength automotive aluminum alloys is relatively common for automotive body panels. The use of high strength aluminum alloys in forming applications to create automotive structures, however, has been a challenging problem in the past due to their lower formability. There has...

Design and Optimization of Joining shaped casting of Al 7xxx structural alloy component using Self Piercing Rivets

2019/20 • $53,889 • PI,CO
Since the year 2012, there has been a continual R&D activity by this research team and sponsor to develop, test and implement new and improved aluminium alloys for manufacturing structural automotive cast components using the high vacuum high pressure die casting (HVHPDC) process. A new family...

Evaluation and development of enabling technologies for lightweight automotive structural cast components with wrought aluminum and high performance magnesium alloys

2013/14-2018/19 • $2,042,371 • PI,CO
The motivation for this project initiative is to reduce the overall weight of the automobile by utilizing more AI and Mgalloys for both the chassis and body structure components; thereby, leading to reduction in the use of fuel and emissionof harmful C02 gas to the environment. The introduction...

Flexible Ultrahigh-Speed Camera for Improved Experimental Characterisation

2016/17 • $149,893 • PI,CO
The microscope as we know it today has become an indispensable tool across many fields of research. Since the first incarnations of the microscope began to see use in research in the mid 1600's, it has exponentially expanded the sphere of physical phenomena that can be inspected and measured,...

Material microstructure and surface considerations in microforming of sheet materials

2012/13-2016/17 • $120,000 • PI
The manufacturing of micro-parts has become more important and necessary in many different industrial sectors such as electronics, computers, medical devices and automotive manufacturing. Traditionally these precision mechanical parts are fabricated by machining. The net shape or near net shape...

Formability Enhancements of Automotive CC and DC Magnesium Sheet Materials Using Prestrain Annealing Technology

2010/11-2014/15 • $243,380 • PI,CO
Magnesium sheet is a promising material for automotive body applications. Experimental and numerical studies of formability of Direct Chill (DC) cast and Continuously Cast (CC) AZ31 magnesium sheet are proposed. These studies will investigate and exploit the prestrain annealing methodology and...

Shape memory polymers and automotive decorative films derived therefrom

2012/13-2014/15 • $216,960 • PI,CO
Transitioning the automotive sector away from the costly and environmentally questionable practice of paint has seen the emergence of a technology known as in-mold forming which applies decorative polymer films onto complex parts with comparable aesthetic finishes. The technology intends to...

Experimental studies and simulations of forming of new materials and processes

2010/11-2011/12 • $48,000 • PI
Forming of engineering components made from conventional wrought alloys via sheet and bulk metal forming has been employed for many decades. Many of these processes are now being simulated using the finite element method in an effort to optimize them. Although the finite element modeling is...

Development of a Manufacturing Method to Produce Elbow Part

2011/12 • $25,000 • PI
The research deals with experimental studies in hot forming of a tubular elbow part utilized in the oil and gas industry. The primary challenge in the forming of this part is in overcoming manufacturing limitations of cross-sectional shape and wall thinning and to meet other hardness and impact...

Next generation formable films for the automotive industry

2010/11 • $135,000 • PI,CO
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