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Nomination for NSERC Steacie Memorial Fellowship

2018/19-2019/20 • $2,250,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship
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AgroPathogenMeter- developing a handheld platform for on-farm, rapid and, inexpensive animal testing

2017/18-2019/20 • $572,120 • PI,CO
We propose to develop the AgroPathogenMeter (APM)- a platform for on-site, rapid, and inexpensive testing of farm animals for deadly pathogens. Today's state-of-the-art method for testing animals for infectious pathogens is based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR). While a highly accurate...

Engineered Smart Materials

2015/16-2019/20 • $490,000 • PI
Smart materials that can reversibly change their properties in response to changes in their environment (e.g. temperature, pH, chemical concentrations, magnetic fields, or light) offer significant potential in biomedical applications, with particular promise in enabling the development of drug...

Light-sheet microscopy for 3D bioimaging of engineered tissues and microphysiological systems

2019/20 • $149,896 • PI,CO
As biofabrication and tissue engineering techniques have rapidly advanced in recent years, we are increasingly tasked to visualize complex engineered tissues and 3D biological explants with increasing levels of detail to keep up with the expanding frontier of biological inquiries. However,...

Externally-Activated Smart Materials and Devices as On-Demand Biomaterials

2017/18-2019/20 • $141,000 • PI
Smart materials that can reversibly respond to changes in their environment have significant potential for developing a range of new, responsive technologies and devices across multiple fields. However, the effective and safe activation of these smart responses in many targeted applications...

Designing Highly Porous Drug-Impregnated Polymer Scaffolds Using Pressurized Gas Expanded Liquids for the Treatment of Lung Fibrosis and Wound Infections

2019/20 • $92,948 • PI,CO
Highly porous materials offer significant advantages in many biomedical applications based on their extremely high surface areas. In particular, for the delivery of drugs with low water solubility, the high surface area provided by highly porous scaffolds offers unique opportunities for...

Surface-Modified Membranes via 'Click'-Based Chemistry for Creating Low Fouling and Cell Adhesion-Triggering Interfaces

2019/20 • $25,000 • PI
Controlling the surface properties of membranes is essential to ensure that they function properly in their targeted applications. In many environmental or biomedical applications, the key challenge is to eliminate the adhesion and thus fouling associated with cells, proteins, or other molecules...

Engineering Starch-Based Nanoparticles and Nanoparticle Clusters for Improving Local Drug Delivery to Tumour Cores and the Brain

2017/18-2018/19 • $240,625 • PI,CO
Delivering drugs using nanoparticles has been demonstrated in multiple cases to improve theability of drugs to get to their target sites, particularly in cases in which drugs must betransported inside cells to be functional and/or drug must be transported from the bloodthrough hard-to-penetrate...

Printable and non-biofouling hydrogels for surface modification and biosensing

2018/19 • $125,000 • PI
Preventing protein binding to interfaces is essential in a variety of applications. In biomaterial implants or biomedical devices, protein binding is the first step toward inflammation which can lead to device rejection, secondary infection, and/or patient discomfort. In biosensing applications,...

Elemental Analysis Instrument for Characterizing Advanced Polymeric Materials, Nanostructures, and Composites

2018/19 • $85,451 • PI,CO
Accurate measurement of the chemical composition of new materials is absolutely essential for developing new technologies based on those materials. However, for materials like membranes, hydrogels, nanomaterials, or fibrous materials intensively studied by the co-applicants' groups, the most...

Development and application of highly tunable porous biopolymer and smart polymer scaffolds using pressurized gas expanded liquids

2015/16-2017/18 • $244,900 • PI,CO
Mechanically stable porous polymer-based materials offer significant potential in a range of biomedical and environmental applications owing to their very large surface areas (providing space for chemical interactions) and their low resistance to flow (enabling low energy pumping of fluids...

Development and Validation of Stabilization and Controlled Release Vehicles for Light-Responsive Plant Immune Aids

2017/18 • $12,500 • PI
Increasing the productivity of agricultural fields is essential to secure our existing food supplies and provide forthe growing world population. In this context, agrochemicals play an essential role in both increasing cropyields and enhancing crop defenses against environmental stresses such as...

NSERC CREATE Integrated Design of Extracellular Matrices (IDEM)

2011/12-2016/17 • $1,285,000 • PI,CO
The NSERC CREATE program for Integrated Development of Extracellular Matrices (C-IDEM) is a new, multi-disciplinary training program focused on making cell-based therapies a reality. C-IDEM will develop a comprehensive research and training program to help graduate students and other researchers...

Design and Fabrication of Nanostructured "Smart" Hydrogels from Biopolymer Nanoparticle Building Blocks

2014/15-2016/17 • $270,500 • PI
Bio-based products from natural polymers that can be fully degraded in the environment are attracting tremendous interest as sustainable yet functional replacements or additives for conventional synthetic polymers. Hydrogels, water-swollen polymer networks, are ideal target materials for...

Nanostructured Injectable Hydrogels with Tunable ""Smart"" Properties

2012/13-2016/17 • $170,000 • PI
Hydrogels, water-swollen polymer networks, have tremendous potential for addressing current challenges in the environment (e.g. soil remediation, pesticide delivery), consumer products (e.g. moisturizers, shampoos), food (e.g. flavour masking, nutritional supplements, safe packaging), and...

Thermogravimetric Analysis Instrument

2016/17 • $150,000 • PI,CO
This application requests a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) instrument that is capable of analyzing air sensitive samples, and can perform mass analysis on evolved gases to allow identification of decomposition products. The requested instrument, a TA Instruments Discovery TGA 550 with a...

Development and application of highly tunable porous biopolymer and smart polymer scaffoldsusing pressurized gas expanded liquids

2016/17 • $125,400 • PI,CO
Mechanically stable porous polymer-based materials offer significant potential in a range of biomedical and environmental applications owing to their very large surface areas (providing space for chemical interactions) and their low resistance to flow (enabling low energy pumping of fluids...

Photo-Rheometer for Soft Material Characterization

2016/17 • $114,736 • PI,CO
Canada's strategic areas of innovation in energy, health, information, communication and natural resources, are all reliant upon material advancements. Soft materials, specifically polymers, contribute to many of the new products from these sectors. The underlying information critical to...

Development of design tools for optimizing the shell formulation of soft gel capsules

2016/17 • $25,000 • PI
Polymers derived from natural sources offer significant advantages in medical and personal care applications given that they can be metabolized into safe by-products. However, the extraction processes used to isolate such polymers from various natural sources result in significant variation in...

NSERC - SENTINEL - Bioactive Paper Strategic Network

2010/11-2015/16 • $7,594,000 • PI,CO
Bioactive paper that can detect and deactivate dangerous bacteria and viruses in food and water will deliver health benefits around the world. Bioactive Paper is a made-in-Canada concept articulated in the first phase (2005-2010) of the Sentinel Bioactive Paper Network, an NSERC strategic...

Accelerated development of smart biomaterials for stem cell therapy and production

2013/14-2015/16 • $310,000 • PI,CO
Smart materials that reversibly swell, crosslink, or degrade in response to an environmental stimulus (temperature, pH, light, magnetic field, etc.) have tremendous potential for revolutionizing technologies ranging from biomedical devices to biosensors to energy storage. Our interest lies in...

qNano: High-Resolution Nanoparticle Size and Charge Characterization

2015/16 • $48,247 • PI,CO
<p>Nanotechnology has led to significant scientific and technological advancements, all driven by the unique properties of materials as their size is reduced to the nanoscale and their surface comprises a significantly higher fraction of the total mass of the material. In this context, having...

Developing novel microparticle and nanoparticle-based controlled release formulations for agriculture

2015/16 • $25,000 • PI
Increasing the productivity of agricultural fields, particularly in the context of the shrinking availability of prime agricultural land and increasing weather stresses, is essential to both secure our existing food supplies as well as provide for the growing world population. In this context,...

20/20: NSERC Ophthalmic Materials Network

2010/11-2014/15 • $4,220,600 • PI,CO
Vision, arguably the most critical of the senses, is dependent on healthy ocular tissues. Unfortunately, disease, aging and congenital defects affect the health of these tissues. 20/20: NSERC Network for the Development of Advanced Opthalmic Materials brings together 11 Canadian researchers from...

Development of amine protecting group chemistry for long chain nucleic acids

2014/15 • $25,000 • PI
"Smart" drugs or drug delivery vehicles that can selectively deliver a target therapeutic to the exact site desired have attracted significant research interest over the last several years. However, no truly smart drug has yet to come to market due to a lack of available efficient delivery...

Design of novel bio-synthetic and biorenewable core-shell nanogels based on EcoSphere® starch-based nanoparticles

2014/15 • $10,000 • PI
EcoSynthetix is a Canadian company that specializes in transforming renewable resources into high-performance biomaterials to replace existing petroleum-based products. The goal of this Engage Plus proposal is to develop new bio-synthetic materials that can find potential use as agricultural...

633 nm Laser for Raman Instrument

2013/14 • $59,263 • PI,CO
Commercially produced carbon nanotubes are mixtures of multiple nanotube types, which range in conductivity properties from semiconducting to metallic. This mixture of nanotube types is detrimental to commercial applications, as devices require pure samples of either metallic or semiconducting...

Multichannel microfluidic flow control (MMFC) system

2013/14 • $38,110 • PI,CO
The multichannel microfluidic flow control (MMFC) system requested in this application is an advanced instrument that enables real-time control and monitoring of the flow conditions simultaneously in multiple flow channels. It is an indispensable tool for conducting experiments with microscale...

Design of novel bio-synthetic and biorenewable core-shell nanogels based on EcoSphere® starch-based nanoparticles

2013/14 • $25,000 • PI
EcoSynthetix is a Canadian company which specializes in transforming renewable resources intohigh-performance biomaterials to replace existing petroleum-based products. This approach has resulted in thedevelopment of two successful products: EcoSphere (starch nanoparticles) and EcoMer...

Isothermal titration calorimeter

2012/13 • $103,412 • PI,CO
The funds will be used to purchase an isothermal titration calorimeter (ITC). An ITC is an instrument that measures the heat absorbed or released as a consequence of mixing two substances. Since virtually all processes are accompanied by a change in heat, the useful of this method is extremely...

Rapid Design of Biomaterials Using Latent Variable Methods

2012/13 • $25,000 • PI
Materials that are successfully used in biomedical applications such as drug delivery, tissue engineering, or biomedical implants must meet a host of requirements in terms of their physical, chemical, mechanical, and biological properties in order to perform their desired function while avoiding...

Infrared Microscopy Characterization Tools for Soft Matter Materials

2011/12 • $150,000 • PI,CO
Fundamental understanding of the molecular architecture for new advanced soft matter materials, such as biomaterials, cellulosic materials or synthetic polymers requires microscale characterization techniques. Without this knowledge the often elusive relationship between material structure,...

Multiple Wavelength Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectrometer for Optical Characterization and Adsorption Studies of Biomaterials and Nanocomposites

2011/12 • $92,408 • PI,CO
We are requesting a multiple wavelength surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectrometer, which is an indispensable tool for the characterization and development of novel biomaterials and nanocomposites. The instrument is a highly sensitive optical reflection technique used to measure changes in...

Nanoparticle gel technologies for biomedical applications

2010/11-2011/12 • $55,820 • PI
Microgels are spherical gel particles which have diameters on the nanoscale and can shrink or expand in response to environmental stimuli such as temperature, pH, or the concentration of a particular chemical in the gel environment. Microgels have many advantages over hydrogels in biomedical...



La présente invention concerne des compositions de microgel adaptées au relargage de substances dans le cerveau. La présente invention concerne en particulier des compositions de microgel comprenant un microgel réticulé chimiquement et une substance que l'on souhaite relarguer dans le cerveau, par exemple à des fins thérapeutiques ou de diagnostic, la substance étant piégée dans et/ou sur le microgel réticulé chimiquement. Dans un mode de réalisation, le microgel est fonctionnalisé en...
Applications connexes: WO2014CA50827


The present application relates to brush amphiphilic block copolymers comprising at least one block which is hydrophilic and at least another block which is hydrophobic. The block copolymers can be used to prepare nanoparticles for biomedical applications including delivery of pharmaceuticals and other bioactive agents
Applications connexes: CA20172972926


La présente invention concerne un biocapteur pour détecter un analyte comprenant une première et une seconde électrode de travail ; une sonde de détection fonctionnalisée sur la première électrode de travail, la sonde de détection comprenant une fraction rapporteur et une fraction de reconnaissance pour un analyte ; une sonde de capture fonctionnalisée sur la seconde électrode de travail ; et une contre-électrode. Chaque électrode de travail est conçue pour fournir un changement de signal si...
Applications connexes: WO2020CA50375