Projets de recherche récents

Microbial Pathogenesis and Resistance Program at the 68th Annual Canadian Society of Microbiologists (CSM) Conference

2017/18 • $10,000 • PI
The CSM Annual Conference, to be held at University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus) in June 2018, is the largest and primary opportunity for Canadian scientists to meet and discuss scientific findings and other information of interest as a broad body of microbiologists. This meeting attracts...

Fluorescent stereomicroscope, microinjection training module and objective upgrade for C. elegans transgenic generation, husbandry and phenotypic screening

2013/14 • $110,689 • PI,CO
Organs are functional units of cells that perform specific tasks within an organism. An important question in the study of embryological development is how distinct cell types migrate, change shape and interact in a coordinated manner to form an organ. In my laboratory we use Caenorhabditis...