Projets de recherche récents

Enhancing resistance to ketosis through genomics

2017/18-2019/20 • $121,200 • PI,CO
High-yielding dairy cattle are susceptible to ketosis, a metabolic disease, which negatively affects the health, fertility and production of the cow. As a health trait, ketosis-resistance is difficult to improve genetically due to its polygenic nature, fuzzy phenotypes and unfavorable genetic...

Understanding the biological processes and gene network pathways and their relationship with the host microbiota that directly affect complex fertility traits and embryo survival in beef cattle.

2017/18-2019/20 • $69,000 • PI
Embryo survival is one of the major factors affecting fertility and economic efficiency in cattle production systems. In cattle, most embryonic loss occurs before day 16 after breeding with some evidence of greater losses before day 8. Late embryonic loss, while numerically smaller than early...

Use of-omics technologies toward profitability and beef consumers' satisfaction

2017/18-2018/19 • $279,900 • PI,CO
Canadian beef producers have a tremendous opportunity to meet the increasing global demand for high quality animal protein products. However, high feed costs and inconsistent quality remain significant challenges. Research has been underway towards addressing these challenges through the use of...

Genetic improvement of Canadian lamb carcass yield, quality and growth traits

2016/17-2017/18 • $70,000 • PI,CO
In the Canadian lamb industry, carcass yield and quality traits are of considerable importance because these relate directly supply chain production efficiency, economic profitability and consumer choice of domestic products. However, a large-scale evaluation of commercial performance and...