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Functional Polymers and Capsules

2016/17-2019/20 • $184,000 • PI
My research involves the development of reactive, multi-responsive polymers and their use in a biomaterials context, including therapeutic cell encapsulation and in cell research. A major focus is on preparing pairs of water-soluble polymers that spontaneously react with each other to form...

Atomic Force Microscope

2018/19 • $150,000 • PI,CO
This application requests an atomic force microscope (AFM) that is capable of imaging nano-scale structures, such as polymer-functionalized carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, polymeric assemblies, and nano-structured surfaces. The requested instrument, a Bruker Multimode-8J equipped with a...

Thermogravimetric Analysis Instrument

2016/17 • $150,000 • PI,CO
This application requests a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) instrument that is capable of analyzing air sensitive samples, and can perform mass analysis on evolved gases to allow identification of decomposition products. The requested instrument, a TA Instruments Discovery TGA 550 with a...

qNano: High-Resolution Nanoparticle Size and Charge Characterization

2015/16 • $48,247 • PI,CO
<p>Nanotechnology has led to significant scientific and technological advancements, all driven by the unique properties of materials as their size is reduced to the nanoscale and their surface comprises a significantly higher fraction of the total mass of the material. In this context, having...

McMaster Therapeutic Capsules (MTC): Development of self-crosslinking polyelectrolyte-alginate microcapsules for non-autologous gene therapy of lysosomal storage disorders

2010/11 • $114,965 • PI,CO
This project will develop improved microcapsules capable of surviving long-term implantation in humans. The microcapsules will contain cells that are isolated from the body within the capsule, yet which can deliver protein therapies for the treatment of a variety of diseases. The initial...