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Ophthalmic Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems

2014/15-2019/20 • $1,100,000 • PI
Diseases of the eye represent a significant and increasing burden to society. The cost of vision loss in Canada in 2009 was estimated to be $15.8 B; the number of people living with vision loss is currently more than 1M, more than breast cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinson's...

Changing Ocular Delivery Paradigms

2018/19-2019/20 • $92,000 • PI
With the aging population and increasing lifestyle factors, diseases of the eye have become significant burdens to the health of Canadians. With an estimated cost of more than $15 B annually, vision impairment affects more Canadians than breast cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinson's...

Operations and Maintenance Support for the Centre for Microbial Chemical Biology

2016/17-2017/18 • $300,000 • PI,CO
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Interfacial Control and Manipulation for the Development of New Ophthalmic Materials and Drug Delivery Systems

2013/14-2017/18 • $175,000 • PI
With the aging population and increasing lifestyle factors, diseases of the eye have become significant burdens to the health of Canadians. Not only does eye disease impact the ability to see, it can have a significant effect on quality of life. Vision impaired patients have been shown to suffer...

Manufacturing methods for mucoadhesive micelles

2017/18 • $125,000 • PI
A novel mucoadhesive micelle has been developed which can be formulated with a therapeutic for drug delivery to the eye. Testing of micelles synthesized using RAFT polymerization containing cyclosporine A has demonstrated the efficacy of the formulation. Details can be found at:...

NSERC CREATE Biointerfaces Training Program

2011/12-2016/17 • $1,300,000 • PI,CO
Our understanding of the nature of the biological/material interface, or biointerface, impacts all materials in biological media from contact lenses to blood contacting materials to diagnostic test strips and new bioseparation media. The CREATE Biointerfaces Training Program will provide unique...

NSERC CREATE Integrated Design of Extracellular Matrices (IDEM)

2011/12-2016/17 • $1,285,000 • PI,CO
The NSERC CREATE program for Integrated Development of Extracellular Matrices (C-IDEM) is a new, multi-disciplinary training program focused on making cell-based therapies a reality. C-IDEM will develop a comprehensive research and training program to help graduate students and other researchers...

Thermogravimetric Analysis Instrument

2016/17 • $150,000 • PI,CO
This application requests a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) instrument that is capable of analyzing air sensitive samples, and can perform mass analysis on evolved gases to allow identification of decomposition products. The requested instrument, a TA Instruments Discovery TGA 550 with a...

Photo-Rheometer for Soft Material Characterization

2016/17 • $114,736 • PI,CO
Canada's strategic areas of innovation in energy, health, information, communication and natural resources, are all reliant upon material advancements. Soft materials, specifically polymers, contribute to many of the new products from these sectors. The underlying information critical to...

Accelerated development of smart biomaterials for stem cell therapy and production

2013/14-2015/16 • $310,000 • PI,CO
Smart materials that reversibly swell, crosslink, or degrade in response to an environmental stimulus (temperature, pH, light, magnetic field, etc.) have tremendous potential for revolutionizing technologies ranging from biomedical devices to biosensors to energy storage. Our interest lies in...

20/20: NSERC Ophthalmic Materials Network

2010/11-2014/15 • $4,220,600 • PI,CO
Vision, arguably the most critical of the senses, is dependent on healthy ocular tissues. Unfortunately, disease, aging and congenital defects affect the health of these tissues. 20/20: NSERC Network for the Development of Advanced Opthalmic Materials brings together 11 Canadian researchers from...

Delivery system for novel back of the eye compounds

2014/15 • $25,000 • PI
Delivery of drugs to the back of the eye is hindered by the presence of natural barriers that are in place to protect the delicate ocular structures. While injections have been shown to be effective, the frequency with which they must be administered is both inconvenient for the patient and...

Biointerface science: proteoglycan 4 (PRG4) with and without hyaluronic acid as a novel ocular surface boundary lubricant & contact lens coating

2012/13-2013/14 • $184,000 • PI,CO
Dry eye disease is a major health-care issue and drain on health-care resources worldwide, with symptoms of discomfort, damage to the ocular surface, and a significant reduction in quality of life, with no current therapeutically effective treatments. Cells at the ocular surface, which forms a...

Silicone hydrogel contact lens based delivery system for glaucoma treatment

2010/11-2012/13 • $102,000 • PI,CO
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Materials for drug and cell delivery in ophthalmic applications

2010/11-2012/13 • $86,610 • PI
Vision loss in Canada due to such diseases as age related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy , is increasing at a dramatic rate with the aging of the population. Estimates suggest that the current 2.1 million Canadians with AMD will triple over the next 25 years. In addition...

Infrared Microscopy Characterization Tools for Soft Matter Materials

2011/12 • $150,000 • PI,CO
Fundamental understanding of the molecular architecture for new advanced soft matter materials, such as biomaterials, cellulosic materials or synthetic polymers requires microscale characterization techniques. Without this knowledge the often elusive relationship between material structure,...

Hyaluronic acid containing and releasing materials in contact lens applications

2011/12 • $125,000 • PI,CO
In soft contact lens applications, the deposition of tear film proteins onto the surface of or into the bulk of the hydrogels can lead to discomfort and can be associated with such complications as giant papillary conjunctivitis and bacteria adhesion. Discomfort has been cited as the primary...

Multiple Wavelength Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectrometer for Optical Characterization and Adsorption Studies of Biomaterials and Nanocomposites

2011/12 • $92,408 • PI,CO
We are requesting a multiple wavelength surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectrometer, which is an indispensable tool for the characterization and development of novel biomaterials and nanocomposites. The instrument is a highly sensitive optical reflection technique used to measure changes in...

Destructive contact lens cases for patient compliance

2010/11 • $25,000 • PI
Lack of patient compliance in the use of contact lenses can have devastating effects as highlighted recently. Patients topping up cleaning solutions rather than discarding used solutions have recently been implicated in serious recent bacterial and fungal outbreaks which, in some cases, resulted...



A method of in situ hydrogel polymerization is provided. The method comprises combining a backbone polymer with an in situ polymerizable group to form a prepolymer solution which is administered to a target site and polymerized at the target site on exposure to a polymerization--inducing stimulus.
Applications connexes: CA20092667708


A polymer system useful for in vivo delivery of a therapeutic agent is provided. The polymer system comprises a biocompatible biodegradable polymeric backbone that is capable of a reversible stimuli-induced transition from liquid to gel.
Applications connexes: CA20112737978


Novel hyaluronic acid-containing biopolymers are provided which exhibit increased hydrophilicity and reduced protein adsorption. In one aspect, the biopolymer incorporates hyaluronic acid modified to include a linking agent in a molar excess sufficient to yield a degree of HA modification in a range of about 1 -5. In another aspect, the biopolymer incorporates unmodified hyaluronic acid.
Applications connexes: CA20112809893, WO2011CA00996


Biocompatible block copolymer micelles for use in mucoadhesive drug delivery are provided. The micelles comprise a degradable hydrophobic polymer, a degradable synthetic hydrophilic polymer and a mucoadhesive polymer. The micelles are particularly useful for ophthalmic uses.
Applications connexes: EP20160840475, WO2016CA51038, CA20162996910