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Production of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers (OME) from sustainable feedstocks

2019/20 • $162,000 • PI,CO
One of the Grand Challenges faced by Canadian energy and petrochemical industry is the need of large scale, commercially deployable technology for synthesizing renewable liquid energy carriers. Through this project, researchers from a broad discipline across the Universities, North-American...

Liquid flow-cell sample holder for liquid-phase electron microscopy and correlative microscopy research

2019/20 • $135,984 • PI,CO
Scientific breakthroughs often build on the successful visualization of objects invisible to the naked eye. Electron microscopy is one of the most powerful characterization techniques for studying structures of materials and related phenomena down to atomic/molecular length scales. We request to...

Quantitative structural characterization and property measurements of materials by in situ electron microscopy

2019/20 • $38,000 • PI
The long-term objective of the research program is to carry out quantitative structural characterization and property measurements of materials during their exposure to relevant and realistic stimuli or environments, and their real-time evolution during processing and operation at nano and...

Liquid-phase electron microscopy for probing dynamic process

2019/20 • $35,716 • PI
Seeing is believing. For hundreds of years, human beings have been on a continuous quest of new technologies that expands our visions to see things either too far away or too small to resolve. Light microscopes, invented in the 1500's, allowed observation of subjects down to sub-micrometer...