Radhakrishnan R. Mahadevan

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NSERC Industrial Biocatalysis Network

2014/15-2018/19 • $5,150,000 • PI,CO
Oil and gas are converted to plastics, chemicals, and other industrial and consumer products through energy-intensive manufacturing processes. These products would be more environmentally sustainable if they were made from renewable resources, such as agricultural and forestry waste, and if they...

NSERC CREATE in Manufacturing, Materials and Mimetics (M3)

2013/14-2018/19 • $1,650,000 • PI,CO
The NSERC CREATE industrial stream training program in Manufacturing, Materials and Mimetics (M3) will provide graduate students with the breadth and depth of expertise required for success in industry. Specifically, M3 will provide a streamlined training environment for the advancement of...