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CRISM-Quebec-Maritimes: Research on interventions in drug misuse

2014/15-2020/21 • $2,374,845 • PI,CO,Other
Substance misuse remains a significant global public health problem which carries a heavy burden for abusers and their families alike. This disorder is indeed associated with suffering and severe health problems in patients, distress among family members, as well as tremendous costs to society....

Primary care shared decision making for addressing painful chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

2019/20-2020/21 • $110,320 • PI,CO,Other
Joint and muscle pain to the back, neck or knees are among the most common reasons for visiting a primary care physician. However, often patients are sent for several imaging tests, out of place specialist appointments or inappropriate surgery, and are given only pills for their pain with no...

The National Training Entity in Patient Oriented Research: Leveraging the Expertise and Experience of the Chronic Pain Community

2019/20 • $3,994 • PI,CO,Other
We will build a culture of patient-oriented research (POR), where training through this national training entity shifts the research process of the next generation of health researchers and providers to be more patient-centered. We will enhance the ability of researchers, clinicians and...