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SPOR Evidence Alliance

2017/18-2018/19 • $1,748,494 • PI,CO,Other
Our vision is to strengthen the Canadian healthcare system by making sure people have the right information at the right time to make a health decision. Our network (called Reach) includes 176 members, including patients, healthcare providers, policy-makers, and teams of researchers across a...

Building a strategy to support parent partnership in patient-oriented research in the Maritimes

2016/17 • $20,204 • PI,CO,Other
Research supporting partnerships between parents and health care professionals to improve outcomes for children and youth is growing. In child health research, parents are important advocates for their children who are often unable to speak for themselves. Parents use the outputs of child health...

MUMS: Mapping and Understanding Mothers' Social Networks

2015/16 • $100,000 • PI,CO
The early days and months after giving birth are considered to be a very exciting and stressful time for new mothers. New mothers have unique needs during this transition period and they require a great deal of support from professionals and family/peers. It is essential that new mothers have...

Birthing Relationships and Rural Health Practices: The Experiences of Queer Women and Their Perinatal Care Providers.

2013/14-2015/16 • $63,228 • PI,CO
Queer birthing women experience social exclusion in the Canadian health system based on gender and sexual orientation. Yet little research has been conducted on the experiences of these women, even less in rural care. Homophobia, heterosexism and intolerance continue to be embedded in health...

You Are Not Alone in Your Loss: Bereavement Care in Nova Scotia`s Yarmouth/Tri-County Communities

2013/14 • $3,000 • PI,CO,Other
The purpose of our Cafe Scientifique is to further engage and exchange with the Yarmouth/Tri-County public through conversation with our team of national researchers, local stakeholders, and community leaders on the subject of bereavement and care following the death of a loved one. Participants...

Evidence-Informed Primary Bereavement Care: A Knowledge-To-Action Approach

2011/12 • $199,443 • PI,CO,Other
The focus of bereavement care interventions to date has centered on those who present with complications. Primary bereavement care is considered as prevention and supportive for those experiencing the death of a loved one. Evidence indicates that the bereaved can suffer from a range of physical,...

Hospitalization from the Perspectives of Parents, Nurses and Children with Intellectual Disabilities

2010/11-2011/12 • $107,359 • PI,CO
Being in hospital can be stressful for all children and their families. Research shows that this can slow recovery and can lead to emotional and behavioural problems long after a child leaves hospital. When a child has an intellectual disability, being in hospital can be even more upsetting....