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Case management in primary care for frequent users of healthcare services with chronic diseases and complex care needs: implementation and realist evaluations

2017/18-2020/21 • $838,575 • PI,CO,Other
A common reason for frequent use of health care services is the complex health care needs of individuals suffering from multiple chronic conditions, often together with mental health comorbidities and/or social vulnerability. Individuals with such complex health care needs require a variety of...

Indigenous Wellness Environment NEIHR Network: A NEIHR Network with a focus on Indigenous wellness

2018/19 • $74,950 • PI,CO,Other
Most health research is focused on a disease or deficit end-point, whether designing, testing or implementing interventions, treatments or preventive measures. The focus of this network is on wellness - promoting, maintaining and re-gaining wellness, by itself, or in the context of a variety of...

Disparities in Respiratory Health Among First Nations People: Assess, Redress, Re-assess. Sharing Knowledge & Experience, Revealing Priorities & Directions

2017/18 • $19,122 • PI,CO,Other
This one-day symposium will highlight knowledge about the linkages between adult and child respiratory health outcomes and housing environments in First Nations communities that has been produced during the CIHR-funded 5-year project, "Assess, Redress, Re-assess: Addressing Disparities in...

Assess, Redress, Re-assess: Addressing Disparities in Respiratory Health Among First Nations People. RN

2011/12-2016/17 • $1,592,521 • PI,CO
Living and social conditions in some First Nations communities are characterized by personal, social and physical environments that are associated with adverse respiratory outcomes. Characterization of conditions will provide communities with information to assist in obtaining resources to make...

Aboriginal Health Research Networks (AHRNets) for Aboriginal Knowledge and Ways of Knowing.

2014/15-2016/17 • $600,000 • PI,CO
The AHRNets-AKWK is a national 'network of networks' in Aboriginal health research that meaningfully engages knowledge holders, practitioners, researchers, trainees and knowledge brokers collaborating to advance health research that foregrounds Aboriginal knowledge and ways of knowing in all...

Digging Deep: Examining the Root Causes of HIV/AIDS Among Aboriginal Women

2014/15-2016/17 • $425,000 • PI,CO,Other
While Aboriginal Women are over-represented in HIV/AIDS statistics, there is a startling lack of gender-specific (sex, lesbian, transgendered), Aboriginal-specific, HIV/AIDS resources, programs and services (Prentice, 2005). Our goal is to focus on Aboriginal women with the premise of helping...

Mamawohkamatowin: Enhancing & Integrated Pathways to Wellness

2016/17 • $150,000 • PI,CO,Other
In the the co-designed and co-implemented 2010 and 2015 community-based Health and Wellness surveys at Sturgeon Lake First Nation, that resulted in 237 of 238 (99.5%) households participating, the most commonly identified risk factor related to health and wellness was non-traditional use of...

Case management in primary care to improve outcomes among frequent users of health care services with chronic conditions: a realist synthesis of what works, for whom and in what circumstances

2016/17 • $25,000 • PI,CO,Other
A common reason for frequent use of health care services is the complex health care needs of individuals suffering from multiple chronic conditions, often together with mental health comorbidities and/or social vulnerability. Individuals with such complex health care needs require a variety of...

Oral Health Integrated into Primary Care: Participatory Evaluation of Implementation and Performance in Quebec Cree Communities

2015/16 • $237,692 • PI,CO,Other
Similar to other Indigenous populations across the globe, the Canadian Aboriginal population suffers from oral health disparities. Aboriginal people have poorer oral health and access to care in general in comparison to the Canadian population, but those who are living in rural and remote...

Examiner les innovations pour soutenir les patients défavorisés ayant des besoins de soins de santé communautaires complexes et intégrés

2015/16 • $69,400 • PI,CO
Les personnes defavorisees, les analphabetes et les autochtones, sont les plus susceptibles de rencontrer des defis avec leurs conditions chroniques et de vivre des barrieres dans le systeme de sante. Les decideurs et les professionnels de la sante sont appeles a ameliorer l'acces et la qualite...

Planning meeting: The Performance of Oral Health Care in an Integrated Community Primary Health Care Organization in Rural and Remote Aboriginal Communities

2015/16 • $12,000 • PI,CO,Other
Integration of oral health in primary care is a promising avenue to improve oral health and dental care of Canadians, and specifically rural and remote Aboriginal communities. Although the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB) has put in place the necessary...

CIHR Training Grant in Interdisciplinary Primary Health Care Research

2010/11-2014/15 • $1,325,000 • PI,CO
This is a one-year, national interdisciplinary research training program funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) with mentor representation from the disciplines of: Family Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, Epidemiology, Pharmacy, Sociology and Interprofessional...

CIHR Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research

2013/14 • $1,000,000 • PI,CO
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SPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations: Saskatchewan LOI

2013/14 • $73,750 • PI,CO
The purpose of this Network grant is to develop a collaborative network of researchers, physicians, community members, and policy-makers that will focus on generating new evidence in primary and integrated health care effectiveness, efficiency and access across the care spectrum. The...

CIHR Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research

2010/11-2012/13 • $9,297,961 • PI,CO
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Examining Access to Health Care at the Neighbourhood Level

2010/11-2011/12 • $140,679 • PI,CO
There is increasing concern in Canada about residents' ability to access primary health care services. Much of what we know about access and its determinants has been the product of research conducted at national and provincial scales of analysis. As such, we know little about how access to care...

Doing Time: Knowledge Translation

2011/12 • $99,981 • PI,CO
Women often leave provincial correctional centers with a bus ticket and, maybe, a welfare cheque. Persistently high recidivism rates illustrate the need to better prepare and support women pre and post prison release. Our 'Doing Time' study interviewed women from BC correctional centres at 0, 3,...

PL3A3Y - Positive Leadership, Legacy, Lifestyle, Attitudes, & Activities for Aboriginal Youth

2011/12 • $60,982 • PI,CO
The PL3A3Y project will focus on the development and delivery of a series of community directed interventions for youth ages 10 through 16 at Standing Buffalo First Nation, communities of Treaty #4 and Sturgeon Lake First Nations. This approach will involve the planning, development,...

Doing Time: A Time for Incarcerated Women to Develop an Action Health Strategy

2010/11 • $100,783 • PI,CO
In Canada, 40% of women who are released from prison return within one year. The majority of incarcerated women have been subjected to poverty, child abuse, role modeling of criminal behaviour by parents and, as adults, domestic violence. From November 2005 to July 2007 approximately 200 women...

Family Physicians and Workplace Abusive/Violent Encounters: Prevalence, Incidence, Impact and Strategy.

2010/11 • $18,607 • PI,CO
Family physicians practice in a wide variety of settings and are frequently the sole physician in small or remote communities, practice in many Emergency Rooms and function as the "fall-back" doctor when specialists, for example psychiatrists, are not available. Of all the different medical...

Evaluating the effectiveness of participatory approaches in prison preventative health programs

2010/11 • $14,836 • PI,CO
Vast health inequities, both in terms of access and outcomes, exist among incarcerated Canadian individuals compared to the general population, particularly among those receiving provincial sentences (less than 2 years). The aim of this program of research is to evaluate the effectiveness of...