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Light-sheet microscopy for 3D bioimaging of engineered tissues and microphysiological systems

2019/20 • $149,896 • PI,CO
As biofabrication and tissue engineering techniques have rapidly advanced in recent years, we are increasingly tasked to visualize complex engineered tissues and 3D biological explants with increasing levels of detail to keep up with the expanding frontier of biological inquiries. However,...

SynoPlate - Human physiology on demand

2019/20 • $114,112 • PI,CO
As the spending on drug development increases over the past 20 years, the number of drugs approved annually has, in fact, declined. To curb the high cost of drug development, three-dimensional (3D) cellular models could offer greater predictivity to drug functions. However, many sophisticated 3D...

Pre-clinical evaluation of micro-tissue injection and self-assembly in vivo for cardiac repairs.

2019/20 • $96,581 • PI,CO
The field of tissue engineering aims to create functional tissues from human cells and scaffolds that can replace damaged tissues in patients. However, to perform therapeutic repairs, lab-grown tissues often need to be delivered deep into the interior of a damaged organ in a patient while...

Smart scaffolds for guided tissue and organ assembly

2018/19-2019/20 • $76,000 • PI
Reproducing the complexity of human organs is daunting and demands new tissue assembly strategy that does not simply view a scaffold as a static skeleton that provides structural support, but a dynamic machine that guides tissue assembly over time. The objective of this Discovery research is to...

Patient specific Kidney-on-a-Chip technology in 96-well plate format defines an ex vivo system for personalized drug testing

2017/18-2018/19 • $87,500 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
The kidney has a primary function of filtering and eliminating 20-25% of ingested drugs and is highly susceptible to injury from drugs. Up to 20% of acute kidney injury acquired after hospital admissions is attributable to drug induced injury. Therefore the kidney is a major organ to consider in...

Elemental Analysis Instrument for Characterizing Advanced Polymeric Materials, Nanostructures, and Composites

2018/19 • $85,451 • PI,CO
Accurate measurement of the chemical composition of new materials is absolutely essential for developing new technologies based on those materials. However, for materials like membranes, hydrogels, nanomaterials, or fibrous materials intensively studied by the co-applicants' groups, the most...

Automated manufacturing of biodegradable scaffolds with low-cost 3D printers

2018/19 • $25,000 • PI
GL-Chemtech is a biomanufacturing company that specializes in polymer and biomaterial synthesis. To expand the manufacturing capability and complete the production process from raw materials to final products, GL-Chemtech is interested in developing advanced manufacturing techniques to automate...

Smart scaffolds for guided tissue and organ assembly

2018/19 • $12,500 • PI
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L'invention concerne une construction de tissu comprenant un support biocompatible et sensiblement linéaire, et une pluralité de cellules supportées et alignées longitudinalement grâce au support linéaire. L'invention concerne également un support biocompatible sensiblement linéaire pour supporter une pluralité de cellules et un support biocompatible de type ressort pour supporter une pluralité de cellules pour une croissance en longueur. L'invention concerne également des dispositifs...
Applications connexes: WO2020CA50765