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Development and Evaluation of a Family-Partnered Care Pathway for Critically Ill Older Patients

2016/17-2018/19 • $1,042,361 • PI,CO,Other
ABSTRACT: As society ages, increasing numbers of older patients are being admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU) for life-sustaining treatments. Historically, older critically ill patients have been systematically excluded from many clinical trials so there is very little evidence to inform what...

Integrating a quality of life assessment and practice support system in homecare services for older adults with life-limiting illness and their families

2015/16-2018/19 • $656,089 • PI,CO,Other
Older adults who have advancing life-limiting illnesses and who are receiving health care at home often have complex problems that affect both their ability to function and their overall quality of life (QOL). Progress has been made in the managing some aspects of chronic illness, including...

Randomized Controlled Trial of the Meaning-Making Intervention (MMi) in Patients Newly Diagnosed with Advanced Cancer: Full Trial

2015/16-2018/19 • $520,703 • PI,CO
Background: The initial news of having a life-threatening illness is typically traumatic, shocking, devastating, and very frightening, confronting patients with many important losses and evoking existential/spiritual issues such as the meaning of their cancer diagnosis, of their life and of...

Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Kidney Practice (ePRO Kidney)

2016/17-2018/19 • $388,940 • PI,CO
People living with end-stage kidney disease need dialysis or transplantation in order to stay alive. This illness and treatment significantly impact peoples' health, emotions, work and relationships. To promote person-centred care, healthcare professionals should be asking patients about what...

A meta-narrative review of patient- and family-reported experience and outcome measures across transitions of care for frail seniors living at home.

2015/16 • $100,000 • PI,Other
As we confront the unprecedented aging of our Canadian population, there is pressing need for strategic, cross-sector care of the frail elderly whose healthcare costs are 4.5 times greater than adults 20-64 years old.1-2 While being in a state of increased vulnerability and risk, frail seniors...

Development and Feasibility Testing of a Home-Based Physical Activity Intervention for Family Caregivers of People with Advanced Cancer

2012/13-2014/15 • $110,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
Families play an important role in the care of people with advanced cancer at home. However, facing the loss of a loved one and undertaking new and demanding responsibilities contribute to caregivers experiencing major sleep disturbances, high levels of fatigue, significant impacts on their...

“Exploring How Advanced Cancer Patients Experience High or Low Existential Well-being: A Mixed-Methods Study”

2012/13-2014/15 • $105,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
Early cutaneous melanoma (CM) detection and removal has been established as the most effective way of reducing CM-related mortality. A method called skin self-examinations (SSE) has been shown to improve early CM detection and thus reduce CM mortality by 63%. However, 85% of CM survivors do not...

Supporting Family Caregivers of Seniors: Improving Care and Caregiver Outcomes

2013/14 • $23,490 • PI,CO,Other
Family caregivers are important to the care of seniors. They provide care and basic services. They help keep seniors at home as long as possible. Their free services equal $25 Billion! However, family caregiving comes at a cost. Caregivers may need to stop working outside of the home. They may...

Randomized Controlled Trial of the Meaning-Making Intervention (MMi) in Patients Newly Diagnosed with Advanced Cancer: A Pilot Study

2011/12 • $100,000 • PI,CO
Background:In addition to poor prognosis/increasing physical difficulties, advanced cancer patients(ACP) have higher levels of depression, anxiety and existential distress compared to patients with earlier-stage cancer. In recent years, several interventions were developed to reduce existential...

Caring about Caregivers: a collaborative approach to advancing knowledge and practice for family caregivers

2011/12 • $97,250 • PI,CO
The issue of caregiving touches every Canadian in some way. Statistics Canada estimates that 4.8 million Canadians were aged 65 or older in 2010, a number that's expected to double over the next 25 years. An August 2010 Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) study of more than 130,000...

Addressing the Needs of Culturally Diverse Family Caregivers in Palliative Care

2010/11-2011/12 • $70,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
The role of culture as an integral component in the provision of effective palliative and end-of-life (P/EOL)services is receiving increased attention. Current services need to allow for equal access and strive to prevent discrimination towards culturally diverse family caregivers (FCGs). This...

Community-Based Primary Healthcare for People with Chronic Life-Limiting Conditions

2011/12 • $25,000 • PI,CO,Other
We are proposing a 3 day face-to-face planning and development meeting in Victoria, British Columbia to develop a CIHR Team Grant proposal focusing on developing, testing and evaluating interventions and innovative and integrated models of community-based primary health care for people with...

Quality Palliative Care in Long Term Care Alliance: An Integrated Knowledge Translation Initiative

2010/11 • $99,945 • PI,CO,Other
The Quality Palliative Care in Long-Term Care (QPC-LTC) Alliance brings 27 researchers together with 4 long-term care homes, 7 health care decision makers and 40 community organizations to improve quality of life for people who are dying in long-term care homes. Since forming in 2009 as a SSHRC...

Knowledge Mobilization of Canada's Compassionate Care Benefit

2010/11 • $95,320 • PI,CO
This Knowledge Translation (KT) Supplement application has been developed in response to research results of the CIHR Operating Grant "An evaluation of Canada's Compassionate Care Benefit from a family caregiver's perspective" (Grant funding reference: 159760). From all our work to date, two...

Home is where the heart is: Family members and caregivers are the heart of home care

2010/11 • $3,000 • PI,CO
Cafe Objectives Providing end-of-life care in the home can often be a challenging time of transition for palliative cancer patients, their family members, and caregivers. The purpose of this cafe will be to discuss experiences, challenges, and insights regarding the physical, emotional, and...