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Moving knowledge into action for more effective practice, programs and policy: A research program focusing on integrated knowledge translation

2015/16-2020/21 • $2,983,333 • PI,CO,Other
ContextThe current growing demands on the healthcare system and the limited resources available for it are calling into question its sustainability. Research has a major role to play in ensuring healthcare is effective, efficient, and appropriate. It is also widely accepted that societies and...

Ratikonhsatátie - 'the faces yet to come' - Network: Indigenous communities at the center of health research capacity development

2019/20-2020/21 • $1,123,010 • PI,CO,Other
The mission of the Ratikonhsatatie Network Environment for Indigenous Health Research (NEIHR) is to be the center for research and training in community mobilization and knowledge translation for Indigenous Health Promotion. The network will provide intended partners/users: Indigenous...

What's the secret sauce? Identifying effectiveness principles to enable the design, implementation and transferability of patient and community partnerships amongst marginalized populations using a developmental evaluation approach.

2020/21 • $48,333 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
The roles of patients and the public in the healthcare system are currently undergoing fundamental changes. No longer simply the passive recipients of care, patients and communities are increasingly seen as a transformative force in adapting healthcare services to the needs of today. This marked...

Community Mobilization Training for Diabetes Prevention: Implementation and scale-up of a best practice training model for diverse Indigenous communities

2016/17-2019/20 • $674,220 • PI,CO,Other
Indigenous peoples living in Canada experience far worse health than most Canadians. Rates of type 2 diabetes among Indigenous peoples are 3-5 times the national average. The Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project (KSDPP) Community Mobilisation Training (CMT) for Diabetes Prevention aims...

Transformation of Indigenous Primary Healthcare Delivery (FORGE AHEAD): Enhancement and Adaptation of Community-driven Innovations and Scale-up Toolkits

2016/17-2019/20 • $652,110 • PI,CO,Other
In Canada, there are significant disparities between the health status of Indigenous peoples and the general population with respect to diabetes. Community-driven innovations, activated by quality improvement processes, have the potential to reform local healthcare. The goal of the proposed...

The Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Patient and Public Engagement Evaluation Framework

2019/20 • $100,000 • PI,CO,Other
The main objective of this project is to develop a national adaptable framework for the evaluation of patient and public engagement (PPE) in research. This project have two complementary goals: 1) Building consensus within the Canadian community on the core evaluation criteria, process...

Inter-Organisational Collaboration for Scale-up of Intervention and Policy Programming in an Indigenous Community

2017/18 • $25,038 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
This project will create and apply a framework that incorporates Indigenous ways of knowing and doing and the CIHR Knowledge-to-Action Framework, then apply the emergent Indigenous framework to (1) understand how community organisations collaborate to maximise impact of best-practice programming...

FORGE AHEAD: Program Findings Interpretation and Knowledge Translation Workshop

2017/18 • $24,900 • PI,CO
The collaborative development, implementation and evaluation of the Program Findings Interpretation & Knowledge Translation (KT) Workshop will facilitate the process of ethical Program-end Knowledge Translation in the national five-year FORGE AHEAD Research Program with core funding from CIHR....

Transformation of Indigenous Primary Healthcare Delivery (FORGE AHEAD): Community-driven Innovations and Strategic Scale-up Toolkits

2013/14-2016/17 • $2,500,000 • PI,CO,Other
In Canada, significant disparities between the health status of Indigenous peoples and the general population exist, particularly for chronic diseases such as diabetes. There is a pressing need to shift the present episodic care focus common to most First Nations communities, to one that...

Aboriginal Health Research Networks (AHRNets) for Aboriginal Knowledge and Ways of Knowing.

2014/15-2016/17 • $600,000 • PI,CO
The AHRNets-AKWK is a national 'network of networks' in Aboriginal health research that meaningfully engages knowledge holders, practitioners, researchers, trainees and knowledge brokers collaborating to advance health research that foregrounds Aboriginal knowledge and ways of knowing in all...

Mobilizing Indigenous knowledge for community-driven wellness

2016/17 • $149,995 • PI,CO,Other
The Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project (KSDPP) Community Mobilization Training (CMT) for Wholistic Health and Diabetes Prevention engages community stakeholders to develop and implement culturally relevant strategies to prevent diabetes and achieve wholistic health. Focusing on local...

Transforming mental health services: A participatory mixed methods study to promote and evaluate the implementation of recovery-oriented care

2013/14-2016/17 • $129,758 • PI,CO,Other
Since its creation in 2007, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) has worked collaboratively across all provinces to publish a new framework for a Canadian mental health strategy. This federal document has now been mandated as policy for implementation, between 2012-2017. The proposed...

Transformation of Indigenous Primary Healthcare Delivery (FORGE AHEAD): Enhancement and Adaptation of Community-driven Innovations and Scale-up Toolkits

2016/17 • $5,744 • PI,CO,Other
Given the dramatic rise and impact of chronic disease and gaps in care in Indigenous communities, a shift from the existing episodic healthcare model common in Indigenous communities to one that integrates prevention and chronic disease management is needed. To assist with this transition, the...

Community Mobilization Training for Diabetes Prevention: Implementation and scale-up of a best practice training model for diverse Indigenous communities

2016/17 • $4,900 • PI,CO,Other
The proposed research will allow us to investigate Community Mobilisation Training (CMT) based on the established best practice of the Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project (KSDPP). The main research question is: What factors, conditions, and type of social system are necessary for the...

Foundational Work for a Brain-to-Society Diagnostic for Prevention of Childhood Obesity and its Chronic Diseases Consequences

2010/11-2015/16 • $499,730 • PI,CO
This proposed 5-year program under the leadership of a collaborative Canada-India translational research team intends to support action on the ground in the development of a breakthrough approach to prevent childhood obesity. The main objective of the proposed program is to examine the...

Wise Funding Practice: Exploring Indigenous funding criteria with a CBR team

2015/16 • $33,000 • PI,CO,Other
Current funding paradigms privilege colonial knowledge and are perceived to be inappropriate for, and ill-equipped to understand and equitably review, Indigenous research proposals. What is needed is a funding model that embodies Indigenous epistemologies, values, and methods. This Wise Funding...

Croiser les savoirs pour changer les pratiques: une recherche participative pour améliorer l'interaction entre les personnes en situation de pauvreté et les professionnels dentaires

2012/13-2014/15 • $202,529 • PI,CO
Les etudes que nous avons conduites au Quebec montrent que les personnes prestataires de l'aide sociale vivent des experiences negatives dans les cliniques dentaires et, souvent, se sentent rejetees. Parallelement, nos recherches revelent aussi que les dentistes comprennent tres mal les...

CIHR Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research

2013/14 • $1,000,000 • PI,CO
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Mapping Social Networks for Translating Knowledge from Community-Based Participatory Research into Policy and Practice Change: The Impact of the Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project

2012/13-2013/14 • $105,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
Participatory research (PR) is an approach to research where academic researchers work in equitable partnership with those effected by the issue being studied, or with those who must eventually use or act on the knowledge created. PR thus integrates the translation of research knowledge into...

Strategic Planning to Support First Nations Communities Participating in the FORGE AHEAD Program

2013/14 • $24,997 • PI,CO,Other
The proposed planning activities, including a face-to-face meeting, will enhance existing partnerships as well as foster the development of new partnerships by bringing together members of a national steering committee that includes First Nations (FN) community representatives, academic...

CIHR Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research

2010/11-2012/13 • $9,297,961 • PI,CO
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Participatory Policy Intervention to Promote School-Based Physical Activity

2011/12 • $188,770 • PI,CO,Other
School-based wellness policies help create a health-promoting environment for both students and staff, and should include provisions for both healthy eating and ample opportunity for physical activity. The Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project (KSDPP) has worked with Kahnawake elementary...

Faire du rétablissement une réalité

2010/11 • $24,010 • PI,CO
Le but principal de cette demande est de rassembler des personnes cles au sein d'une communaute de pratique afin qu'ils prennent un role important dans l'implantation d'une approche orientee vers le retablissement dans le reseau de la sante mentale au Quebec. Les objectifs de l'activite sont:...

Developing a Partnership for the Implementation of Recovery in Quebec

2010/11 • $15,000 • PI,CO
The overall aim of this activity is to bring together mental health researchers and decision makers to discuss organizational challenges in implementing recovery in Quebec mental health services. Recovery is the overarching principle in Canada's new mental health strategy and in Quebec, recovery...