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The Political Economy of Tobacco Production and Control in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

2019/20-2020/21 • $331,924 • PI,CO
Tobacco use remains a leading cause of non-communicable diseases, creates an enormous burden on health care systems, and imperils the quality of life of users and their families. Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) growing tobacco often pursue tobacco production as an economic development...

Nothing without us: Towards inclusive, equitable COVID-19 policy responses for youth with disabilities and their families

2020/21 • $199,650 • PI,CO,Other
Persons with disabilities and their caregivers are an at-risk population in the COVID-19 pandemic who's mental health has been disproportionately impacted by the policy measures adopted in response. Given the increased risk for this vulnerable population during the pandemic and existing higher...

Enhancing policy coherence for healthy product environments: Bridging theory, research and practice

2018/19 • $23,768 • PI,CO
Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer and cardiovascular disease are increasing globally. This rise in NCDs is partly driven by three key products categories: tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy foods. Although these consumer products have been labelled as lifestyle-based risk factors, they...

Global Health Diplomacy: An explanatory multi-case study of the integration of health into foreign policy

2014/15-2017/18 • $783,137 • PI,CO
Over the past decade, health concerns have increasingly been integrated into foreign policy discussions and deliberations as the accelerated pace of globalization continues to dissolve many of the boundaries between domestic and foreign policy issues. Events such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic,...

Maximizing the effects of self-management interventions on chronic disease outcomes: implementation of a chronic disease patient health portal in primary care

2016/17 • $100,000 • PI,CO
In Canada, 75% of seniors have one or more chronic conditions, with the majority managing two or more conditions. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) results in almost 50% of chronic-disease related hospitalizations, often complicated by other co-existing conditions such as depression...

A mixed qualitative study on the ethics of transforming care: Examining the development and implementation of Canada's first mental health strategy

2015/16 • $99,972 • PI,CO,Other
There is a continuing need to understand how policymakers and clinicians make important decisions that effect individuals and populations. Particularly there is a need to understand how they negotiate ethical dilemmas during this decision-making process and the reasoning and resources they use...

Globalization, Urbanization and the Social Determinants of Health: Pathways and Solutions

2010/11 • $15,000 • PI,CO
Over the past three decades, most of the world's economies and societies have become integrated into a global marketplace characterized by increasingly free flows of goods, services, finance and information. At the same time, low and middle income countries are urbanizing rapidly, creating...