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Process control sensor systems for copper production, ProCuPro

2018/19-2019/20 • $160,000 • PI
Sensors and process control technology are lacking in copper production, and indeed in most non-ferrous production processes, because many of these processes are pyrometallurgical, i.e. they occur at high temperatures and in corrosive environments. Stand-off sensors such as optical probes and...

Instrument development in analytical spectroscopy - spectrometers, microcavities, fiber-probes

2019/20 • $94,000 • PI
Our research group builds spectrometers, fiber probes, refractometers, as well as micro-sensors for optical absorption, fluorescence, mechanical strain, vibration and sound. In our instrument development we are guided by two principles:**** (A) absolute quantification of the measurand, but...

Instruments and Applications for Absorption and Fluorescence Spectroscopy

2014/15-2018/19 • $420,000 • PI
Our research group is active in the areas of laser spectroscopy and sensing. We build spectrometers, fiber probes, refractometers, as well as micro-sensors for optical absorption, fluorescence, mechanical strain, vibration and acceleration. Most of the instruments we develop are designed to...

Online monitoring of lubricant quality

2015/16-2018/19 • $160,000 • PI
Practically all machines and engines require lubrication, but, surprisingly, there exists not a single online sensor that is capable of measuring the quality of the lubricant in real time. For example, lubricants quickly oxidize as soon as antioxidant additives are consumed, yet oxidation...

Microphotonic sensor for monitoring of water chemistry

2015/16-2016/17 • $244,000 • PI,CO
We will develop an integrated, ultra-compact chemical sensor array system that is suitable for ppb to ppm level detection of common contaminants in water. Our main targets are phosphate, nitrate, and ammonium in industrial process water or industrial and municipal wastewater. The project was...

Optical sensor for improved copper production

2016/17 • $24,400 • PI
Copper ranks third in production among metals in the world and Canada is a significant part of this production. However, processcontrol in non-ferrous smelters is extremely limited, especially when compared to iron and steel or petrochemicals. While there area number of possible entry points to...

NSERC CREATE Training Program in novel chiral materials: An International Effort in Research and Education

2010/11-2015/16 • $1,568,500 • PI,CO
In the increasingly multidisciplinary and international world of science, traditional training programs for HQP are simply not competitive. We have proposed a novel training program which has four tiers. The first component is an international exchange which the students will undertake during...

Inline measurements of water contamination with a 3 micron laser

2015/16 • $53,928 • PI
Industrial liquids such as liquefied natural gas, crude oil, engine lubricants, fuels, and cryogenic liquids are extremely hostile chemical environments and the determination of even their most basic physical and chemical properties is complicated. It is difficult, for example, to determine the...

Ultrasensitive fiber strain sensor

2015/16 • $24,999 • PI
OZ Optics together with Queens researchers will design and build a prototype sensor system with unprecedented sensitivity. The instrument is suited for strain and vibration measurements in artificial and natural structures, i.e. it is equally suited for monitoring the structural health of...

Optical Microscope for Material Characterization

2014/15 • $149,690 • PI
Our research program is dedicated to instrumentation design and characterization, mostly related to micro-analytical and micro-photonic system development. We have specialized in waveguide optic sensors and probes for fluorescence, absorption, refractive index, (photo-)acoustics and motion...

Development of Spectroscopic Techniques for Real-Time Characterization of Industrial Machinery Fuels and Lubricating Oils

2010/11-2013/14 • $185,048 • PI
Internal combustion engines and turbines are ubiquitous in today's society, and it may appear surprising thatthere exists not a single commercial sensor that could reliably monitor the condition of the lubricants that areused in the moving parts of these engines in real time. This lack of...

Fiber-coupled fluorescence spectroscopy of crude oil, bitumen, and oil sands

2013/14 • $24,782 • PI
The chemical characterization of oil, tar, and bitumen is of enormous economic and environmental importance. Oilfield exploration companies must analyse crude oil and bitumen while the exploration progresses. However, chemical analysis by conventional means is not only expensive and slow, but...

All-fiber infrared lasers and components for chemical detection applications

2010/11-2012/13 • $461,950 • PI,CO
Infrared (IR) spectroscopy is a mature field and is routinely used to identify gases, liquids and solids. It may therefore appear surprising that - despite over 150 years of IR spectroscopy - no portable IR-based chemical sensor exists. This is due to the lack of cheap, rugged and tunable laser...

Functionalized microphotonic devices for contaminant sensing

2010/11 • $114,000 • PI,CO
We will develop an integrated ultra-compact chemical sensor system that is suitable for ppb- to ppm-level detection of common contaminants in water and air. Initial targets are the heavy metal ions lead, Pb(II), and mercury, Hg(II) in groundwater and surface water. The same sensor platform will...

Nano patterning visulization engine for FIB

2010/11 • $65,763 • PI,CO
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