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Unité SUPPORT du Québec : Un soutien pour la recherche axée sur le patient

2014/15-2020/21 • $23,587,002 • PI,CO,Other
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Chronic Pain Network

2015/16-2020/21 • $12,760,750 • PI,CO,Other
In addition to profound personal suffering, the cost of chronic pain to society across the lifespan is greater than that from cancer and heart disease combined. Canada is recognized as a world leader in pain research productivity and training, and per capita produces twice as many pain related...

CRISM-Quebec-Maritimes: Research on interventions in drug misuse

2014/15-2020/21 • $2,374,845 • PI,CO,Other
Substance misuse remains a significant global public health problem which carries a heavy burden for abusers and their families alike. This disorder is indeed associated with suffering and severe health problems in patients, distress among family members, as well as tremendous costs to society....

Improving Access to Specialist Care through eConsult for Patients Living with Chronic Pain

2018/19-2020/21 • $923,346 • PI,CO
One in five Canadians suffers from chronic pain, a debilitating condition that requires prompt access to care for effective treatment. Individuals with chronic pain report the lowest health-related quality of life among all patients with chronic conditions. Unfortunately, these patients often...

Quantity of Opioids for Acute Pain and Limit Unused Medication (OPUM study)

2018/19-2020/21 • $606,804 • PI,CO
Opioids (morphine and morphine-like substances) are often prescribed to patients to manage pain after an emergency department visit. In the past 20 years, opioid prescriptions have risen sharply, accompanied by a significant rise in opioid misuse (e.g., recreational or non-medical use,...

Trajectoires de soins et conditions propices aux soins ambulatoires

2018/19-2020/21 • $570,882 • PI,CO
Le but ultime de ce projet est de mieux comprendre les liens entre les trajectoires de soins et la sante chez les individus aux prises avec un probleme de sante chronique, en engageant patients, organismes et decideurs dans le developpement et le partage de cette connaissance. Pour les individus...

Psychological and biological determinants of opioid craving among chronic pain patients prescribed opioid therapy

2018/19-2020/21 • $312,679 • PI,CO
The use of opioids for patients with chronic pain has increased exponentially within the past decade. This has been accompanied by dramatic increases in rates of prescription opioid misuse, opioid addiction, and opioid-related overdose deaths in these patients. Recent research indicates that...

Stepped care solutions to reduce impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth living with chronic pain, their families, and health care providers: A pan-Canadian study.

2020/21 • $200,000 • PI,CO,Other
The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the greatest threats to youth mental health in generations. Similar to past disasters, youth today report increased pain complaints. Without treatment, this pain will become chronic (CP; pain lasting >3 months), which already affects 1 in 5 youth and has...

Vascular events In noncardiac Surgery patIents cOhort evaluatioN study-2 (VISION-2)

2020/21 • $196,350 • PI,CO
Over 10% of all patients who have surgery (aged 45 and above) will suffer a major complication and over 1.5% of all adults will die within 30 days after surgery. The most common major complications are injury to the heart muscle, bleeding, and infection. These complications happen on the...

Managing Pain In Collaboration in the Intensive Care Unit (MPIC-ICU): Impact on clinical practices and patient outcomes

2020/21 • $168,017 • PI,CO
A high proportion of individuals hospitalized in the adult intensive care unit (ICU) experience significant pain. Although some are able to self-report their pain, others are unable to communicate due to their critical health condition or the use of medication that puts them to sleep. While they...

Chronic non-cancer pain, substance use, and related harms: Towards an optimal treatment pathway for people who inject drugs in the context of the opioid crisis

2020/21 • $100,000 • PI,CO
One in five Canadians lives with chronic pain, an invisible but debilitating, distressing, and costly condition that is complex and difficult to treat. Meanwhile, from January 2016 to June 2019, 13,900 opioid-related deaths were recorded in Canada, with contamination of the illicit drug supply a...

Psychological and neurobiological determinants of opioid-related problems and opioid tapering outcomes among patients with chronic pain prescribed long-term opioid therapy

2020/21 • $84,151 • PI,CO
Chronic pain is a major health problem that affects approximately 20 % of the Canadian population. There has been an increase in the use of opioid medications for the management of chronic pain over the past decade in Canada, but this has been paralleled by escalating rates of opioid addiction...

SMILE: Optimising SMarter Inclusive Living Environments for ageing people within their circles of care.

2020/21 • $60,000 • PI,CO,Other
The SMILE project is an international effort where European countries and Canada are coming together to provide digital solutions that can help people aged 65 - 80 years with brain disorders (dementia), lung disease (COPD) or other complex health conditions. Working together, SMILE will put the...

THE SMArT VIEW, CoVeRed: TecHnology Enabled monitoring and Self-MAnagemenT- VIsion for patient EmpoWerment following Cardiac and VasculaR surgery

2015/16-2019/20 • $749,876 • PI,CO,Other
Each year thousands of seniors in Canada and the United Kingdom have open heart and vascular (veins and arteries) surgeries. These surgeries are meant to save lives and improve symptoms, yet, many develop chronic pain and other complications (e.g. infections, blood clots). We also know that the...

Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network

2016/17-2019/20 • $600,000 • PI,CO,Other
Problems with bones, joints, muscles, and the nerves that help people move and interact with the world affect many Canadians. Problems like arthritis, osteoporosis, and injuries cause pain, lack of mobility, and interfere with work and other life activities. Disorders affecting the...

Harnessing the Quebec Pain Registry and the Quebec health administrative databases to improve the management of chronic non-cancer pain in women and men

2017/18-2019/20 • $200,000 • PI,CO,Other
Chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP) affects 1/5 Canadians and its human and economical burdens are enormous. CNCP is poorly managed, with medications such as opioids being one of few tools available to family doctors who do not have easy access to multidisciplinary teams. Nonetheless, little good...

Modélisation des trajectoires des patients souffrant de douleur chronique au sein du continuum de soins : Portrait, déterminants et impacts.

2017/18-2019/20 • $138,090 • PI,CO
La douleur chronique touche un adulte sur cinq et a de serieux impacts sur toutes les spheres de la vie d'une personne, par exemple le bien-etre physique et emotionnel, le sommeil, la vie de famille et le travail. Cette condition coute egalement tres cher, tant pour les personnes qui en...

The National Training Entity in Patient Oriented Research: Leveraging the Expertise and Experience of the Chronic Pain Community

2019/20 • $3,994 • PI,CO,Other
We will build a culture of patient-oriented research (POR), where training through this national training entity shifts the research process of the next generation of health researchers and providers to be more patient-centered. We will enhance the ability of researchers, clinicians and...

Associations between daily pain trajectories, health care utilization and biopsychosocial outcomes in patients with low back pain

2014/15-2017/18 • $170,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
One Canadian out of five suffers from chronic pain, which costs approximately $6 billion yearly. The most recent Canadian statistics suggest low back pain is the most common type of chronic pains. Despite these statistics, we do not know much about how the various characteristics of chronic pain...

Managing Pain In Collaboration in the Intensive Care Unit (MPIC-ICU): A Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trial

2016/17 • $100,000 • PI,CO
More than 50% of individuals hospitalized in the intensive care unit (ICU) experience significant pain. Although some are able to self-report their pain, others are unable to communicate due to their critical health condition or the use of medication that puts them to sleep. While they are...

Revision and Validation of the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool in critically ill adults with brain injury

2011/12-2015/16 • $402,672 • PI,CO
Brain injury such as bleeding in the brain, brain trauma, stroke, or brain tumors often require a stay in the Intensive Care Unit. During this time, patients may be unable to self-report pain. Pain left untreated can lead to poor healing of wounds, heart and breathing difficulties, and might...

FORESITE-VISION: Further Observation for chronic pain and poor functional recovery Risk factor Examination at the home SITE, a study in partnership with the VISION Cardiac Surgery Prospective Cohort Study

2014/15-2015/16 • $180,000 • PI,CO
Approximately 36,000 Canadians undergo cardiac surgery each year and previous research has found that as many as 56 percent of patients will develop chronic pain after surgery. Chronic pain after surgery is known to cause poor day to day functioning and poor quality of life. Yet, the majority of...

Étude de cohorte observationnelle pour identifier les facteurs influençant l'observance des patients incidents sur les statines

2010/11-2013/14 • $847,529 • PI,CO
Quand un medicament est prescrit dans le but de prevenir des evenements nocifs, de nombreux patients cessent de le prendre avant d'avoir eu le temps d'en beneficier. C'est le cas des statines qui sont des medicaments tres efficaces pour baisser le cholesterol et prevenir les maladies du coeur....

Le Programme ACCORD - Application Concertée des Connaissances et des Ressources en Douleur

2010/11-2012/13 • $1,365,865 • PI,CO
Au Quebec et au Canada, on estime qu'environ 1/5 personne souffre de douleur chronique (DC) et ce nombre augmente de facon alarmante chez notre population vieillissante. Plusieurs etudes temoignent de douleurs mal diagnostiquees, non traitees ou mal soulagees qui engendrent des consequences...

Effets d'une intervention infirmière préventive face à la gestion de la douleur chronique post-chirurgie thoracique chez l'adulte

2010/11 • $8,750 • PI,Other
En plus de la souffrance humaine incalculable, la douleur chronique (DC) a un impact economique considerable sur la societe. La DC est decrite comme une situation troublante qui, non seulement confronte l'individu a la douleur, mais peut avoir un impact important sur sa vie. Les personnes ayant...