Development of an optimally-sized powertrain with integrated charging system for cost reduction and efficiency improvement in electric golf carts

Renseignements sur le financement
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Type de subvention: Programme de subventions d'engagement partenariat
  • Année: 2013/14
  • Financement total: $25,000
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Sommaire du projet

Solar powered electric golf carts serve as a sustainable solution for transportation inside the green golf courses. Thisemission free vehicle suits the ambience of a golf course and leads to minimal operating costs. However, like many othercommercially available on-road light-duty low-speed electric vehicles (EVs), this EV also has concerns in terms of drivingrange, initial cost, charging time and charging infrastructure. Understanding the vehicle powertrain architecture in theexisting solar powered golf carts manufactured by Unconquered Sun, this research and development project aims toimprove the aforementioned bottlenecks by: 1) Proposing an integrated charging scheme; 2) Optimally sizing the batterypack and converter based on reduced charging time, weight, driving range, regeneration and solar panel characteristics.