Anisnwabe Kenendazone: building from the Ottawa ACADRE

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Type de subvention: Environnement réseau des IRSC pour la recherche sur la santé des Autochtones
  • Année: 2010/11
  • Financement total: $308,333
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Anisnabe Kekendazone (AK) will develop a Network Environment for Aboriginal Health Research between 5 universities (Ottawa, Montreal, McGill, Carleton and Queens), building on the work of the Ottawa ACADRE. This will increase the stake of Aboriginal communities in university research through reaching specific objectives: 1.Contribute to the future generation of Aboriginal researchers through graduate fellowships, mentorship and field experience for trainees; 2.Stimulate the generation of new knowledge and research opportunities through seed funding in nationwide issues of Aboriginal health; 3.Develop research approaches to two-way knowledge translation that ensures Aboriginal relevance of health research and the uptake of Aboriginal health research results in community development, service delivery and policy. Over the last 5 years AK has opened a space for Aboriginal research at the University of Ottawa. This proposal will link to similar growing spaces at 3 other universities. Primary prevention is an approach to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, environmental risks, and domestic violence - all areas of excellence within AK. The focus on wellbeing tests primary prevention strategies, measuring their impact and communicating the results for policy and health service development. Training Initiatives: In 2007, a group of up to 50 Inuit trainees will join a summer institute on health research. From this, offers will be made to join a customized MSc. From four Inuit regions across Canada, Inuit students will work on several large intervention trials as designated by their regions, including the impact and cost-effectiveness of traditional Inuit birthing practices. Discussions are under way for a founder generation of Aboriginal PhD candidates, targeting accomplished Aboriginal leaders working in senior positions. After graduation, this generation would take over the development and implementation of Aboriginal led and designed academic training and research.

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