Developing a Partnership for the Implementation of Recovery in Quebec

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Type de subvention: Subventions pour réunions, planification et dissémination : partenariats pour l'amélioration des services de santé
  • Année: 2010/11
  • Financement total: $15,000
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  • Piat, Myra
    Douglas Mental Health University Institute

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Sommaire du projet

The overall aim of this activity is to bring together mental health researchers and decision makers to discuss organizational challenges in implementing recovery in Quebec mental health services. Recovery is the overarching principle in Canada's new mental health strategy and in Quebec, recovery is identified as one of six priorities in the current Mental Health Action Plan. Recovery is defined as "a way of living a satisfying, hopeful, and contributing life" despite limitations caused by mental illness. Decision makers have identified recovery as a priority area, and are calling for guidance on how to incorporate recovery into services. In all 25 decision makers will be invited to attend 2 meetings in Montreal. Participants will come from the (1)Integrated University Health Network (RUIS) McGill; (2) Integrated University Health Network (RUIS) Universite de Montreal; and 3) other mental health organizations. At the first meeting we will identify facilitators and barriers to the implementation of recovery in Quebec mental health services. At the second meeting we will report on results emanating from the first meeting: identified facilitators and barriers and conduct small group discussions to establish which of the identified organizational challenges will be priority for future work. We anticipate 5 outcomes from the two meetings: 1) the development of a sustainable working partnership involving researchers, decision makers, consumers and families, 2) knowledge exchange around the organizational challenges to implementing recovery; 3)consensus on a priority area for future research; 4) potential research questions, sites and methodologies for a research project on recovery 5) a list of individuals committed to collaborating on a PHSI grant application. This project represents a concrete step in moving the recovery perspective into practice. The project will provide as a unique networking and knowledge translation experience seldom undertaken in Quebec.

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