Strategic Planning to Support First Nations Communities Participating in the FORGE AHEAD Program

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Type de subvention: Subventions de planification - Annonce de priorités - Activités de planification liées aux Premières nations, aux Inuits et/ou aux Métis
  • Année: 2013/14
  • Financement total: $24,997
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The proposed planning activities, including a face-to-face meeting, will enhance existing partnerships as well as foster the development of new partnerships by bringing together members of a national steering committee that includes First Nations (FN) community representatives, academic investigators and policy decision makers from across Canada. The activities aim to increase the committee's understanding of FN communities' research priorities, knowledge, values and cultures and will be focused on obtaining feedback and enabling shared-decision making related to the development of grant applications for funding that will support the participation of FN communities in the FORGE AHEAD program. The FORGE AHEAD program aims to facilitate the development of innovative models of care and community-driven activities to improve the prevention and management of diabetes within Indigenous communities. Respecting the Ownership, Control, Access and Possession principles and CIHR Guidelines for Health Research Involving Aboriginal People, the input of FN representatives will be critical to ensure that efforts are aligned and relevant to the needs of FN communities. Working together collaboratively with other members of the steering committee, FN representatives will be involved in teleconferences and other communication strategies during the Spring and Summer of 2014 to finalize the face-to-face meeting agenda, identify potential funding opportunities, and inform the overall planning process. During the face-to-face meeting in the Fall of 2014, in Toronto, Ontario, all partners will review preliminary activities and findings of the FORGE AHEAD program and funding opportunities in detail to develop a strategic plan for the procurement of additional funds to support FN partners in participating in the FORGE AHEAD program and to explore the possibility of extending recruitment to include additional FN communities.

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