Silent Victims: Stigma Surrounding the Mentally Ill and Stress Effects on Spouse and Their Children

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Type de subvention: Subvention de fonctionnement
  • Années: 2010/11 à 2014/15
  • Financement total: $361,342
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Stress associated with caring for a mentally ill spouse can adversely affect the health status of caregivers and their children. Adding to the stress of caregiving is the stigma often placed against spouses and children of people with mental illness. The goal of this study is to measure physiological markers of stress (stress hormones measured in saliva samples) as well as psychological markers of stress in spouses and children of patients suffering from mental health disorders and to compare these results to non-caregivers families and families with a member with cancer. Comparison of physiological and psychological markers of stress in these different groups will allow to disentangle the impact of stigma against mental health disorders on chronic stress markers in caregivers and their children.

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