Revision and Validation of the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool in critically ill adults with brain injury

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Type de subvention: Subvention de fonctionnement
  • Années: 2011/12 à 2015/16
  • Financement total: $402,672
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Brain injury such as bleeding in the brain, brain trauma, stroke, or brain tumors often require a stay in the Intensive Care Unit. During this time, patients may be unable to self-report pain. Pain left untreated can lead to poor healing of wounds, heart and breathing difficulties, and might place patients at risk for chronic pain. Being able to assess pain accurately is essential. A few tools have been developed to assess pain in uncommunicative adult patients. However, none of these tools have been specifically developed for patients with brain injury. The goal of the proposed study is to revise a pain assessment tool called the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool to make it more specific and valid for these patients. The tool will then be translated into French and both versions will be tested with a group of patients who have experienced brain injury or undergone a brain surgery procedure. Having a validated tool for brain-injured patients could help to better manage their pain and improve overall health outcomes.

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