Truck Wheel Fastener Alarm Systems for the Prevention of Runaway Wheels

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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Type de subvention: Programme de subventions d'engagement partenariat
  • Année: 2017/18
  • Financement total: $24,674
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Escaped wheels from Transport Trucks is a highly dangerous, often fatal occurrence. Wheel escapes are attributed to two issues:1. The failure of wheel studs and 2. Bearing failure/over heat. The problem is exacerbated by the large number of trucks andtrailers on the highways. According to provincial records, 70% of failures are due to studs losing torque.We propose the development of two separate solutions that prevent truck wheels from escaping during operation therebyeliminating a road hazard, i.e., oftentimes fatal. The first solution uses pre-calibrated wheel studs which are studs that have built in switches that activate at a predetermined stud elongation and cause a signal to be sent to the vehicle operator that a specific Lug Stud is either under torqued, over-torqued or sheared. The second solution is a compression ring that uses low Young's modulus material below the lug nut to compress and close a switch at a predetermined pre-load and cause a signal to be sent when an undesirable torque level is present. Both systems can be monitored by GPS from remote locations.The two solutions are required to penetrate the complete market and resolve the wheels issue. The first solution deals with thelarge number of trucks and trailers that already exist and are presently on the roads today. An inexpensive and easy to installsolution is required to quickly convert these vehicles into safe travelling units. The second solution is for new equipment wherein the system may be facilely installed during original assembly.