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Enhancing production in mink through advanced genomics

2018/19-2019/20 • $370,691
Together, the mink industry in Canada and the United States add more than $4 billion to the North American economy each year, and $1 billion to the Canadian economy alone. The Canadian fur industry accounts for approximately 60,000 jobs across the country and North America is the fourth largest...

Investigating the welfare implications of cage size for mink

2014/15-2016/17 • $135,157
This project investigates the welfare implications of cage size for mink on Canadian fur farms, primarily investigating the heights & floor areas that mink elect to use when given a choice, in order to assess whether the greater heights & larger floor areas of European cages are preferred over...

Application of molecular methods to the study of infectious diseases in the mink industry

2015/16-2016/17 • $65,630
The mink fur trade is one of the oldest Canadian industries and it represents a considerable proportion of Canada's resource-based economy. It also provides many jobs and is an important source of employment for people in rural areas. A high quality and sufficient quantity of fur products are...

Identification of the cell surface receptor for the aleutian disease parvovirus

2012/13-2013/14 • $47,435
Mink ranching is a multi-million dollar industry in Canada with the bulk of the pelts exported to buyers worldwide. Canadian mink pelts are prized internationally for their premium quality. The mink industry, in general, is concentrated in areas where other agricultural activities are impeded by...

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