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Petroleum Microbiology Research Laboratory

University of Calgary

The laboratory is equipped to address fundamental and applied research questions related to the roles that microbes play in the oil and gas industry, either beneficially or detrimentally. Infrastructure is available to address research questions or problems using cultivation, analytical...

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Meat Microbiology Laboratory

Laval University

Our multifunctional laboratory can be used for projects focusing on food-borne diseases related to meat products or any other foods. This controlled-temperature, agri-food processing lab is fitted out with cleaning and processing equipment that allows researchers to work in conditions identical...

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Quantitative Microbiology Lab

University of Waterloo

Our lab focuses on single-cell quantification of cellular components. This data is used to develop and analyze predictive computational models of intracellular behaviour. Quantification and computational simulation of intracellular network behaviour Imaging flow cytometry

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Functional and Adaptive Surfaces Group

University of Toronto

At the Functional and Adaptive Surfaces Group, our research develops methods to fabricate nanostructured materials and material surfaces, such as nanoporous surface layers and micropost arrays. We also explore the relationship between surface topography, wetting and adhesion on bacterial surface...

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In Vitro Digestion Platform

Laval University

TIM-1 is the latest, most sophisticated in vitro model ever created. It can be used in combination with bioreactors. TIM-1 simulates digestion conditions in the stomach and small intestine, and the bioreactors simulate the physiological conditions of the large intestine. We can check whether...

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Canadian Food and Wine Institute Innovation Centre

Niagara College Canada

The Canadian Food and Wine Institute Innovation Centre offers recipe and new product development; food and beverage safety and regulatory assistance; laboratory services; sensory analysis and consumer testing; and nutritional labelling services. Our resources include a microbiology lab;...

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Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT)

Fleming College (Sir Sandford Fleming College)

With its state of the art laboratory and indoor/outdoor testing facility, the Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT) conducts, facilitates, and coordinates applied research on water-related technologies and alternative wastewater treatment technologies. Small, medium,...

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Lakehead University Center for Analytical Services (LUCAS)

Lakehead University

Lakehead University’s Centre for Analytical Services (LUCAS) represents a group of Lakehead University laboratories that provide a single access point for analytical services and expertise, everything from chemical and physical soil/vegetation testing to human mitochondrial DNA analysis, that...

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Wong Laboratory

Carleton University

We study genome evolution in real time, focusing on the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. By sequencing the genomes of bacterial populations evolved in the lab, we hope to understand when and why populations evolve at different rates and in different directions. Evolution,...

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Bio-Industry Resource Centre and Biofuel Quality Testing Laboratory

Olds College

The Industry Resource Centre (pilot space) and the analytical lab are located in the same building to facilitate development of pilot scale technologies. Pilot and demo space for renewable fuel systems, some ASTM fuel testing for biofuels ASTM testing for biodiesel Scale up and pilot manufacturing

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