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Medicinal chemistry laboratory, Sherbrooke Pharmacology Institute

Université de Sherbrooke

The lab designs and optimizes small molecules as tools to understand (validate) the potential of new biological targets, as well as to discover new drugs. The lab has many interdisciplinary collaborations and with industry. Medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, peptide chemistry, macrocycles...

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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Flow Cytometry Facility

University of Alberta

Flow Cytometry is the study of cells (“cytometry”) in fluid (“flow”). The technique enables multi-parametric analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of cells at a high rate (over a 1000 cells/second). Flow Cytometry is widely used to study many aspects of cell biology, and...

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Medical Image Analysis Lab (MIAL)

Simon Fraser University

Medical imaging is revolutionizing medicine, as it allows scientists, clinicians, and researchers to peer inside the living body. Our lab develops automated and interactive computational methods and mathematical models for extracting useful information from these images. Our research is...

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Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory

Laval University

Our medicinal chemistry laboratory designs and develops new drugs capable of specifically inhibiting the biological activity of proteins strongly involved in the growth of various diseased tissues such as cancerous tumours and skin (psoriasis). The general objective of our research programs is...

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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Cell Imaging Core

University of Alberta

The Cell Imaging Core is a shared resource lab that provides services and training for light and electron microscopy and a wide range of cutting-edge image acquisition equipment. We consult on microscopy experimental design and offer full technical assistance – from sample processing through...

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Neuroethics Canada

University of British Columbia

Our research results, educational resources, and public outreach promote informed decision-making and empowered choices for individual and community well-being in an era of fast-paced and ever increasingly consumer-directed personalized medicine. Interdisciplinary research group dedicated to...

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Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC)

University of Montreal

The Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer's (IRIC) operating model is unique in Canada. The research institute offers a multidisciplinary approach focused on systems biology and works in close collaboration with the clinical sector. Its cutting-edge environment and research...

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Precision Radiation Medicine For Cancer Immunotherapy (P-REX)

University of Victoria

Immunotherapy, Radiation therapy, Cancer, Metabolism The laboratory has a long-standing interest in delineating how metabolism impacts T cell immune responses. We employ a top-down approach whereby we study primary human biospecimens and further understand direct mechanisms of action using cell...

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Transgenic Core Facility, Faculty of Medicine

University of Ottawa

Our laboratory studies the roles of transcription factors and upstream signalling molecules in development and in intestinal homeostasis, including models of colorectal cancer. We have developed an understanding of an important gene regulatory network that is essential for normal mammalian...

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Laboratory for the Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Environmental Toxins (LANSET)

University of Ottawa

LANSET is a state-of-the-art facility that analyzes a wide range of natural and synthetic products to identify new compounds in boreal medicinal plants, algae, nutraceuticals, and environmental pollutants, and provides highly accurate quantitative mass spectrometry by multiple ion monitoring...

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