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INSPIRE Core Facility

University of Ottawa

From simple surveys to complex experimental tasks, INSPIRE encompasses a multidisciplinary research facility designed to study people’s thoughts, behaviours, and physiological reactions. Researchers can monitor and remote control multiple workstations, recording various psychophysiological data...

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HEC Montréal

Tech3Lab is a research laboratory focusing on user experience in a business context. It specializes in analysing interactions between organizations’ technological interfaces and employees or consumers. The multidisciplinary nature of the research team (information systems, commerce, e-marketing,...

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Research Lab for the Study of Organizational Behaviour - Analysis, design and use of information technology

University of British Columbia

The lab is used for information system analysis, design, and use. Our research aims to help businesses analyze their need for systems, design systems, and use them effectively. We have research programs on 1) systems analysis, 2) systems design, and 3) systems use. Our research addresses the...

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Living Laboratory for Research on Cognitive Development

University of British Columbia

Science Centres translate scientific knowledge for public consumption. Universities generate that raw knowledge through research and experimentation. The Living Lab represents Canada’s first relationship between a science centre and a local university, providing the public with daily access to...

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Centre for Air Travel Research (CATR)

National Research Council Canada

The Centre for Air Travel Research (CATR) is a unique facility that recreates the various spaces that passengers interact with when they travel on commercial aircraft, including the check-in and gate areas of the airport terminal, as well as the aircraft cabin itself. These spaces are in fact...

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University of Calgary Behavioral and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CBEEL)

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary Behavioral and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CBEEL) provides an ideal environment for conducting computer-aided experiments in decision-making, behavioural economics and social science experiments. Through this lab, we are able to test decision-making processes,...

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Centre for Neuroscience Studies

Queen's University

The Centre for Neuroscience Studies (CNS) research spans basic science to systems research, cognitive and behavioural work and clinical research and applications. The CNS is home to numerous laboratories located in all three hospitals; Kingston General Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hospital and...

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Longo’s Food Retail Laboratory

University of Guelph

Resembling an actual grocery store with fully stocked shelves and checkout counter, the Longo’s Food Retail Lab utilizes eye-tracking equipment and cameras to gauge buyer behaviour patterns as consumers shop. Researchers can explore a number of areas including how consumers value and learn about...

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Social Psychophysiological Research & Quantitative Methods Laboratory

University of Toronto

The Social Psychophysiological Research and Quantitative Methods Laboratory studies the way the body reacts during social interactions. We specialize in measuring the physiology of multiple people at once, which lets us examine processes like the natural synchronization of people’s physiological...

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UHN Biospecimen Services

University Health Network

UHN Biospecimen Services is located at the core of Toronto’s Discovery District in the largest hospital network in Canada and is one of the leading research institutes in North America. The staff consists of experts in biospecimen management and processing, clinical research, regulatory...

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