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Quantitative Imaging for Personalized Cancer Medicine (QIPCM) Advanced Imaging Core Lab

University Health Network

The Quantitative Imaging for Personalized Cancer Medicine (QIPCM) Advanced Imaging Core Lab enables: ● Academic imaging-based research; ● Imaging innovation and early biotech commercialization; and ● Strong collaborations and learning through research networks. The core lab facilitates imaging...

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Cancer Genome Collaboratory

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

The Cancer Genome Collaboratory is an academic compute cloud built by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. It allows researchers to run complex analysis operations across large International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) cancer genome data sets. It also hosts the world’s largest and most...

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Information Security and Object Technology (ISOT) Lab

University of Victoria

The last decade has been marked by a recurrence of hacking incidents more or less damaging. The Information Security and Object Technology (ISOT) Lab, established since 1999, is specialized in developing new approaches and tools for protecting information systems and their data against malicious...

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Brian Cox Laboratory

University of Toronto

Our laboratory applies techniques in data mining for gene regulation and integration of different biological molecules to predict networks. We assess large patient data sets by clustering to identify novel molecular subtypes and integration with clinical data. DNA and RNA sequencing and...

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Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Our research revolves around the evolution of hate, extremism, bias as well as deductive solutions to resolve or alleviate the consequential tension and disbalance around the world. Our research interests include: hate crimes, right-wing extremism, radicalization, policing diversity,...

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Vancouver Prostate Centre

University of British Columbia

The Vancouver Prostate Centre is a world-leading cancer research facility with an outstanding team of scientists and clinicians. Through the Prostate Centre’s Translational Research Initiative for Accelerated Discovery and Development (PC-TRiADD), we integrate critical components of...

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INSPIRE Core Facility

University of Ottawa

From simple surveys to complex experimental tasks, INSPIRE encompasses a multidisciplinary research facility designed to study people’s thoughts, behaviours, and physiological reactions. Researchers can monitor and remote control multiple workstations, recording various psychophysiological data...

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Centre for Applied Neurogenetics

University of British Columbia

The Centre for Applied Neurogenetics is the hub of a broad international network of academic neurologists, neurogeneticists and neuroscientists with the joint mission to identify and translate genetic discoveries into novel strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic and...

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The SickKids-UHN Flow Cytometry Facility at PGCRL

Hospital for Sick Children

The SickKids-UHN Flow Cytometry Facility provides access to state-of-the-art analytical flow cytometers, mass cytometers and high-speed cell sorters and cell separators. Facility staff members operate and maintain the instruments, assist researchers in protocol selection and development, and...

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Collaboratory for Research on Urban Neighbourhoods, Community Health & Housing (CRUNCH)

McMaster University

The Collaboratory for Research on Urban Neighbourhoods, Community Health and Housing (CRUNCH) is a network of researchers, equipment and facilities, housed at McMaster University. CRUNCH is dedicated to examining the complex interactions among housing, neighbourhoods and health. Along with our...