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Bloorview Research Institute

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview’s core research facilities combine state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff to support clinical research or business needs of public and private sector clients. The research MRI facility hosts a dedicated Siemens 3T PRISMA MRI that is solely used for research. The imaging...

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Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research (SPAR) Laboratory

University of Victoria

We offer spatial-temporal analysis for any phenomena that are present as geographical patterns. Our experience includes working with coastal, epidemiology, biodiversity, wildlife telemetry, agricultural and forestry datasets. We have expertise mapping and quantifying patterns over large areas....

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Advanced Biomaterials Laboratory (ABiL)

Queen's University

There are three laboratories within the Biosciences Complex of Queen’s University, organized into chemical synthesis, polymer synthesis and characterization and cell culture/histology facilities. Within our laboratories we can assess polymer rheological, mechanical, surface and thermal...

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Petroleum Microbiology Research Laboratory

University of Calgary

The laboratory is equipped to address fundamental and applied research questions related to the roles that microbes play in the oil and gas industry, either beneficially or detrimentally. Infrastructure is available to address research questions or problems using cultivation, analytical...

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Environmental Equity Laboratory (LAEQ)

Université du Québec - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)

The work of this laboratory at the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre is part of a research trend in environmental justice that focuses on situations of overexposure to pollution (air and noise) or reduced accessibility to positive elements of the urban environment (vegetation, parks...

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Zebrafish Research Facility

National Research Council Canada

Our facility utilizes adult, juvenile and early developmental stages of zebrafish as models to identify and characterize the bioactivity and evaluate the potential toxicity of new and existing chemicals. Genetic research indicates a high conservation between zebrafish and human genomes, making...

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Aquatic Omics Lab

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

The uniqueness of the research lies into how it has been strategized into these 3 main goals: To identify unique protein and metabolite expression patterns in blood plasma specific to individual environmental stressors that are linked to higher level adverse outcomes for use in non-lethal...

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Cystic Fibrosis Translational Research Centre (CFTRc)

McGill University

We perform basic and applied research on cystic fibrosis and other diseases that affect epithelial tissues. We study the cellular and molecular physiology of transepithelial salt and water transport, explore the regulation of CFTR and other ion channels, characterize folding and misfolding of...

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Data Development and Computation Laboratory (LACED)

HEC Montréal

The laboratory manages the access to a set of databases in a variety of management fields (economic, financial, marketing, etc.) and the usage of specialized software that enables the processing of this data through scientific calculations and mathematical simulations. The infrastructure is used...

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Cellular Imaging and Cytometry Facility (CICF)

University of Ottawa

Our facility excels in a number of complementary methodologies that enable both optical and molecular characterization of living and non-living biological samples. These include cell cycle, ploidy analysis, proliferation, apoptosis, immunophenotyping and live/dead assays as well as expression...