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SIM Social Work Research Lab

Carleton University

SIM Social Work Research Lab aims to Strengthen, Innovate, and Mobilize simulation-based research on social work education and practice. This is the first and only social work-specific, simulation-based research lab in North America. Simulation refers to a situation where a student or a...

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Robert Young Lab

Simon Fraser University

The Robert Young Lab develops molecular probes to discover and validate biological drug targets, enzyme inhibitors, biological receptor agonists and antagonists, rapid parallel synthesis, synthetic methods, structure activity relationships, molecular modeling, mass spectrometry, radioactive...

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Biomaterials and Cartilage Laboratory (LBC)

Polytechnique Montréal

The laboratory's research activities focus primarily on the development of chitosan-based biomaterials and nanoparticles for regenerative medicine and gene therapy applications. The lab’s strength lies in the diversity and complementary nature of its cutting-edge infrastructure and its highly...

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Precision Radiation Medicine For Cancer Immunotherapy (P-REX)

University of Victoria

Immunotherapy, Radiation therapy, Cancer, Metabolism The laboratory has a long-standing interest in delineating how metabolism impacts T cell immune responses. We employ a top-down approach whereby we study primary human biospecimens and further understand direct mechanisms of action using cell...

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Rural Futures Research Centre

Dalhousie University

The Rural Futures Research Centre (RFRC) is a hub of excellence for social research on and with rural Atlantic Canada. We collaborate with communities, provide a range of social research services and expertise, and train students in social research methods. At the RFRC, we provide the...

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Willerth Laboratory

University of Victoria

The Willerth lab uses pluripotent stem cells, controlled drug delivery and biomaterial scaffolds for engineering neural tissue. Stem cell based tissue engineering Live cell imaging, flow cytometry, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, microplate reader, next generation DNA sequencing, 3D bioprinting

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Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac)

University of Saskatchewan

VIDO-InterVac is one of Canada’s premier research institutes, with over 40 years of experience in infectious disease research and vaccine development for animals and humans. VIDO-InterVac has more than 150 personnel and some of the world’s most advanced containment infrastructure, including...

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Biomedical Translational Imaging Centre

Dalhousie University

BIOTIC is a multi-site imaging centre that is embedded in the two leading research and teaching hospitals in Nova Scotia. Our multidisciplinary and cross-functional teams – providing expertise in all facets of imaging research and development – collaborate on commercial development projects with...

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Gastrointestinal Diseases Research Unit (GIDRU)

Queen's University

Gastrointestinal (GI) and nutritional disorders have a tremendous impact on Canadians’ sense of well-being. However, the lengthy pathway between the laboratory and the patient often prevents promising research findings from getting to patients quickly. To address this critical gap in the...

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Geophysical Disaster Computational Fluid Dynamics Centre

University of British Columbia

Automated weather forecasts tailored for clients in Canada. Expertise in ensemble numerical weather modelling, mountain meteorology, air-quality meteorology, hydrometeorology, sports meteorology and coastal meteorology. Numerical weather prediction for clean energy, transportation, special...

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