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Jack and Nora Walker Canadian Centre for Lifespan Development Research

Brock University

The Jack and Nora Walker Canadian Centre for Lifespan Development Research is a multidisciplinary collaborative effort dedicated to studying human development across the lifespan, with special strengths in childhood and adolescence. The Centre involves over 60 faculty members, representing...

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Living Laboratory for Research on Cognitive Development

University of British Columbia

Science Centres translate scientific knowledge for public consumption. Universities generate that raw knowledge through research and experimentation. The Living Lab represents Canada’s first relationship between a science centre and a local university, providing the public with daily access to...

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Health and Well-being Research Laboratory

Bishop's University

The Health and Well-Being Research Laboratory enables research that stems from a positive psychology framework, investigating factors related to thriving and maximizing potential. Researchers at the lab explore adolescence and young adulthood and ways to maximize psychological well-being as...

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ASD Studies @ Queen’s

Queen's University

ASD Studies @ Queen’s uses behavioural observations, eye-tracking experiments, computer-based testing and standardized measures to investigate the effects that early social withdrawal and atypical sensory processing have on later social, psychological and cognitive development in children and...

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Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment

University of Waterloo

The central research mandate of the Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment is the development, delivery and dissemination of innovative, evidence-based psychological treatments for common mental health problems experienced by children, adolescents and adults. Our researchers examine the...

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Developmental Systems Neuroscience Lab

University of Toronto

Early life experiences crucially define cognitive and mental health function throughout life. Childhood and adolescence are the predominant age of onset for the majority of mental disorders and are periods during which key brain areas involved in emotional processing are maturing. Still, it is...

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