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Research Group on Structural Engineering

Polytechnique Montréal

Experimentally studies of major civil engineering behaviours. This is the largest and most versatile structural engineering laboratory in Canada. It consists of 2 testing slabs with an area of 630 m2 and a reaction wall with 2 wings 10 m high and 12 m long. The laboratory can do static, dynamic,...

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The Kite Research Institute

University Health Network

Designs, develops and tests new assistive technologies and treatments to enhance the lives of older people and those with disabling injuries or illness. The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute has developed into a world-class and unique resource for rehabilitation research. The Kite Research...

Navigator Facility

Structural Testing Facility

University of Toronto

Large-scale structural testing under static and highly dynamic loading. The Structural Testing Facility in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto is among the top few such centres in North America. The facility houses unique testing frames (Shell Element Tester, Blast...

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Digital Tools in Music Education

Queen's University

Research on the development and implementation of digital technologies to enhance and transform music education.. We examine the content and context of studio music instruction and the implementation of digital technologies. Curriculum development and workshops for studio music instruction,...

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Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit (HEPRU)

University of Ottawa

Research on human physiological function and its adaptive response to different environments during rest and exercise. The research facility continues to provide researchers and government and industry partners with a unique ability to conduct comprehensive research programs dedicated to the...

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Structural Integrity Laboratory

National Research Council Canada

Aircraft structural integrity research through testing, modeling, and non-destructive evaluation. Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of both metallic and composite structures, material awareness, probability of detection, NDE procedure development. Structural Mechanics and Health Monitoring of...

Navigator Facility

Integrated research laboratory for the development of materials and sustainable and innovative structures

Université de Sherbrooke

Manufacturing, processing and characterization of cementitious materials and concretes; realization of actual-size test specimens for static and dynamic structural tests. Unique in Canada in terms of design and function, this building is both a laboratory and a research subject. During its...

CFI Project

Cortical plasticity following stroke

University of Montreal
Project Leader: Dancause, Numa
CFI Funding: $154,746 | Award Date: 2010-03-09
Application Area: Health Other medical research

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