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Microsatellite Science and Technology Centre

University of Toronto

Next generation nano-, micro- and small satellites. The Microsatellite Science and Technology Centre (MSTC) is operated by the Space Flight Laboratory (SFL), Canada's premier microspace organization. At the MSTC, SFL develops and builds low-cost satellites that continually push the performance...

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COBRA Lab/Civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

University of New Brunswick

Civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for remote sensing, surveillance, and aerial imagery. Unmanned aircraft can provide critical information that piloted aircraft currently provide, related to forest fire management, surveillance, insect detection, vegetation control, and other services. The...

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Canadian Centre for Field Robotics

York University

Research in robot systems that operate in complex (outdoor) environments. The Canadian Centre for Field Robotics (CCFR) provides a unique testing environment for research in field robotics. Located in Metro Toronto, the CCFR has access to the wide range of resources available in the city while,...

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The WindEEE Research Institute

Western University

Physical simulation of extreme winds (e.g. tornadoes, downbursts) and other complex flow fields coupled with state-of-the-art visualization and measurement techniques.. Facility Capabilities: physical simulation of extreme winds like tornadoes (EF0 to EF3) and downbursts at various geometric...

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Constructed Wetlands Research Facility

Olds College

Organic and inorganic analyses of food-grade and environmental samples.. The Constructed Wetlands Research Facility is a unique collaboration between industry, government and an academic institution to address environmental problems and meet the strategic government environmental policy needs....

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Facility for Electron Microscopy Research (FEMR)

McGill University

One of the most comprehensive, dedicated and operational light, electron and ion beam microscopy facilities in Canada. As a world-class, shared, multiuser, fully integrated core imaging unit, the Facility for Electron Microscopy Research (FEMR) at McGill University delivers cutting-edge light,...

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Centre for Sensors and System Integration (CSSI)

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Applied research and development projects that deliver a new product, an improved service, or a more efficient process through prototyping activities. NAIT’s Centre for Sensors and System Integration (CSSI) is a Technology Access Centre (TAC) staffed with professional researchers to support...

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Applied Geomatics Research Group (AGRG)

Nova Scotia Community College

Geomatic applications of remote sensing (lidar) and meteorological monitoring technologies. Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Applied Geomatic Research Group (AGRG) researchers use sophisticated remote-sensing equipment, including both airborne topo-bathymetric and ground-based terrestrial...

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The SickKids-UHN Flow Cytometry Facility at PGCRL

Hospital for Sick Children

Flow cytometry, mass cytometry, cell sorting and analytical flow cytometry services and instrumentation. The SickKids-UHN Flow Cytometry Facility provides access to state-of-the-art analytical flow cytometers, mass cytometers and high-speed cell sorters and cell separators. Facility staff...

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Geophysical Disaster Computational Fluid Dynamics Centre

University of British Columbia

Numerical weather prediction for clean energy, transportation, special events and natural disasters. Automated weather forecasts tailored for clients in Canada. Expertise in ensemble numerical weather modelling, mountain meteorology, air-quality meteorology, hydrometeorology, sports meteorology...

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