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Lakehead University Center for Analytical Services (LUCAS)

Lakehead University

Provides advanced testing services to regional and international clients using the latest in research equipment. Allows hands-on access to technologies that directly impact Northern Ontario’s economic future.. Lakehead University’s Centre for Analytical Services (LUCAS) represents a group of...

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Genomic Centre for Cancer Research and Diagnosis

University of Manitoba

Research on genomic instability, cancer genetics and cell imaging. The Genomic Centre for Cancer Research and Diagnosis is a high-technology facility for digital imaging and analysis. Research at the GCCRD includes projects in molecular biology, cell biology, histopathology, and genetic...

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StemCore Laboratories

Ottawa Hospital

Supports high-throughput genomics projects including those requiring DNA sequencing, next generation sequencing, single cell analysis, and cell sorting. StemCore Laboratories operates with a dual mandate: to support high-throughput “omics” projects and to provide research-enabling technology to...

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Research Core Facilities

St. Michael's Hospital

Research on biological mechanisms of disease and the development of new treatments.. Research Core Facilities has created an operating model of extensive shared-facility support for basic science research in the Keenan Research Centre. We provide the latest equipment and techniques, in addition...

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Functional Genomics Laboratory

Brandon University

Research in the control of parasitic diseases caused by helminths and protozoans and examines the role of molecules and the environment in these infections. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 80 percent of the world’s population is infected with a parasitic worm, or...

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Research at Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Research in the fields of visual arts, media arts and design. Our applied research areas are nimble, activated and integrated to facilitate interdisciplinary work on the cutting edge. Collectively, via our Research Centres, Research Studios, and Canada Research Chairs, Emily Carr University...

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Health and Environments Research Centre [HERC] Laboratory

Dalhousie University

Research on aerosol science, toxicological impacts of airborne particles on human health, risk assessment of air quality on human health, research and technology development on the implications of climate change for human health and society.. Researchers at the Health and Environments Research...

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Centre for Biointerface Characterization

University of British Columbia

Materials science and engineering.. The Centre for Biointerface Characterization (CBiC) is a hub between university researchers and industry partners seeking novel biomaterials’ solutions for the clean energy, human health, sustainable environment and construction sectors. The centre hosts a...

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Learning Analytics Research Cluster

Athabasca University

Automated assessment of learning and training experiences through AI techniques in both real-world and virtual environments, and this in academic and industrial domains. The Learning Analytics Research Cluster has developed a diversified expertise in various application domains, with the...

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The Centre for Applied Genomics

Hospital for Sick Children

Genomics and molecular biology research and service provision. Established in 1998, The Centre for Applied Genomics (TCAG) is dedicated to conducting and promoting groundbreaking research in genomics, including service and training support for academic, government, and private sector scientists...

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