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Bioinformatics Core Facility

University of Ottawa

We provide advice on bioinformatics research design, conduct bioinformatics analysis and provide support for grant proposals that involve bioinformatics including conducting pilot studies, support/collaboration letters and methodological text. In 2020, the Ottawa Bioinformatics Core Facility...

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Reconfigurable Antenna Laboratory

University of Toronto

The Reconfigurable Antenna Laboratory is a complete facility for the design and characterization of a wide range of next-generation antenna architectures for multiple applications. Facilities include high-performance computing facilities and a state-of-the-art near-field antenna measurement...

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Heavy Vehicle Structural Dynamics Laboratory

National Research Council Canada

Able to accurately reproduce vehicle responses measured in the field, the lab is an indispensable tool for controlled investigations and accelerated test programs of rail and road vehicles and components. In the lab, a selection of hydraulic actuators can be configured to provide inputs to your...

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Co-DOT Laboratory

Laval University

The Co-DOT Laboratory brings together researchers and students interested studying human cognition from three perspectives, namely cognition distribution across individuals, information organization and technologies for optimizing human performance. Co-DOT’s mission is to pursue innovative...

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3D Data Acquisition and Processing Laboratory

Bishop's University

The lab is equipped with a 3D Faro laser scanner and necessary software to collect 3D scans from natural scenes and man-made structures, such as buildings and bridges, which allows modelling and measuring real objects in numerous applications. Our research focuses on 3D reconstruction and...

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Inclusive Design Institute

OCAD University

The Inclusive Design Institute is a global nexus of collaborating multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary researchers and co-designers. We proactively ensure that emerging technology systems and practices are designed to include the full range of human diversity, and capitalize on emerging...

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Research Lab for the Study of Consumer Behaviour

University of British Columbia

The lab is used for the study of consumer behavior: investigating the role of consumer creativity and innovation in the marketplace. Dahl takes an experimental approach to identify ways for businesses to interact with consumers. His findings will contribute new knowledge about consumer...

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SIM Social Work Research Lab

Carleton University

SIM Social Work Research Lab aims to Strengthen, Innovate, and Mobilize simulation-based research on social work education and practice. This is the first and only social work-specific, simulation-based research lab in North America. Simulation refers to a situation where a student or a...

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Internet of Things Research Laboratory

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Our current focus is on creating smart infrastructures for IoT (Internet of Things) environments and their applications in different domains including intelligent transportation, smart health, public safety and law enforcement, smart cities, connected vehicles and industrial manufacturing....

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Microwave Imaging Facility

McMaster University

Developing microwave data acquisition hardware and image-reconstruction software to perform imaging and detection. Microwave imaging applied to medical diagnostics, concealed weapon detection and nondestructive testing Testing, prototyping of microwave imaging equipment.