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Neonatal Immunological Research Laboratory (NIRL)

University of British Columbia

We develop innovative solutions to improve health outcomes in most vulnerable babies, particularly those born prematurely. Our studies involve research on the neonata infections, the developing immune system and the impact of inflammation. About twelve percent of babies are born prematurely in...

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Rural Futures Research Centre

Dalhousie University

The Rural Futures Research Centre (RFRC) is a hub of excellence for social research on and with rural Atlantic Canada. We collaborate with communities, provide a range of social research services and expertise, and train students in social research methods. At the RFRC, we provide the...

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Finance and Insurance High-Performance Computing Laboratory

HEC Montréal

Among other initiatives, CFI funding has enabled the acquisition of a new high-frequency database from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, used to analyse intraday financial market transactions. A new software (Xetra Parser) has been developed to process this huge database. A new database from the New...

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Environmental Equity Laboratory (LAEQ)

Université du Québec - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)

The work of this laboratory at the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre is part of a research trend in environmental justice that focuses on situations of overexposure to pollution (air and noise) or reduced accessibility to positive elements of the urban environment (vegetation, parks...

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Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics Lab

Brock University

Using an integrated approach combining computational and experimental comparative and functional genomics technologies, the Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics Lab is interested in studying the mechanisms of inter- and intra-species genetic diversity and their contribution to the diversity...

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Simulation and Digital Health Facility

National Research Council Canada

The research within each software framework relies on domain specificity, with National Research Council Canada (NRC) biomedical software researchers supported by a strong network of clinical and industrial collaborators, thereby improving the efficiency of development and increasing user...

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Research Core Facilities

St. Michael's Hospital

Research Core Facilities has created an operating model of extensive shared-facility support for basic science research in the Keenan Research Centre. We provide the latest equipment and techniques, in addition to professional training and management. By reducing duplication and increasing...

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CREDEAU - Centre for Research, Development and Validation of Technologies and Processes in Water Treatment

Polytechnique Montréal

The Centre for Research, Development and Validation of Technologies and Processes in Water Treatment (CREDEAU) is an interuniversity research centre devoted to research and development and to the validation of technologies and training of specialists in the field of water treatment. It...

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IRIS : ISAC Charged Particle Reaction Spectroscopy Station

Saint Mary's University

IRIS is a facility, unique in the world, which undertakes rare isotope science. The facility has pioneered the use of a thin solid hydrogen (cryogenic) target to study the nuclear reactions of rare isotopes. The facility has also developed a low-pressure ionization chamber that enables...

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Parallel Processing Research Laboratory

Queen's University

The Parallel Processing Research Laboratory at Queen’s University conducts research in various innovative techniques that could be effectively used at different layers to enhance the performance and scalability of parallel and distributed computing systems and to minimize their power/energy...