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Applied Conservation Science Lab

University of Victoria

The Applied Conversation Science Lab tackles ecological and evolutionary problems and opportunities for the benefit of ecosystems and the people who rely on them. Typically, the lab partners with Indigenous governments and conducts fieldwork in remote coastal environments. Our technical...

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Cancer Genome Collaboratory

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

The Cancer Genome Collaboratory is an academic compute cloud built by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. It allows researchers to run complex analysis operations across large International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) cancer genome data sets. It also hosts the world’s largest and most...

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Quantum Chemistry Lab

University of Prince Edward Island

At the UPEI’s Quantum Chemistry Lab, we are experts in physical chemistry, computer science and mathematics. We develop software to model the properties and reactivity of chemical compounds. Uses computers to simulate chemistry; develops and implements computer models of chemical compounds and...

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Collaboratory for Research on Urban Neighbourhoods, Community Health & Housing (CRUNCH)

McMaster University

The Collaboratory for Research on Urban Neighbourhoods, Community Health and Housing (CRUNCH) is a network of researchers, equipment and facilities, housed at McMaster University. CRUNCH is dedicated to examining the complex interactions among housing, neighbourhoods and health. Along with our...

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Interprofessional Health Technology Development and Assessment

George Brown College

The health care system faces increased demands from an aging population, technological advancement and new patient-centred distributed care models. Leading-edge information, technology development and research are essential for addressing the system's challenges. George Brown College addresses...

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Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute (BCNI)

Simon Fraser University

The Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute (BCNI) fosters interdisciplinary and collaborative engagement across disciplines and institutions concerning the relationship between mind and brain. Building on the strengths of world-renowned researchers who investigate a variety of...

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High Resolution Microscopy Laboratory

Trinity Western University

The High Resolution Microscopy Laboratory contains an Olympus spinning disk confocal microscope equipped with a weather station, and MetaMorph image acquisition and analysis software. The laboratory also contains a Leica fluorescence stereomicroscope for high throughput screens or applications...

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Bioinformatics Facility

National Research Council Canada

The Bioinformatics Facility supports applied genomics research in the agri-food and aquaculture sectors, as well as other data-intensive domains of biology, such as high throughput phenotyping or phenomics. A suite of instruments is used for storing, organizing, and managing high throughput...

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Ocean Technology Test Bed (OTTB)

University of Victoria

The OTTB is a readily accessible sea floor laboratory that enables scientific instrument prototyping, systems engineering and ocean-technology development, including research on underwater vehicles, acoustic positioning and communications. The lab is equipped with: a subsea power and...

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Cyberjustice Laboratory

University of Montreal

The purpose of the laboratory is to improve access to justice through the creation of a justice stakeholder network and through the development of new information and communication technologies for judicial and extra-judicial dispute resolution tools. Ultimately, our work is aimed at optimizing...