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Animal Reproductive Biotechnology

2011/12-2017/18 • $1,400,000 • PI
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Impact of embryo production method and environment on bovine development

2010/11-2014/15 • $305,000 • PI
Reproductive biotechnologies, encompassing sperm sexing, artificial insemination, in vitro embryo production and embryo transfer, are strategies for enhancing reproduction in humans and animals. In cattle, embryos generated by insemination of cows, have a 50 to 60% survival rate, however when...

NSERC EmbryoGENE Strategic Network

2010/11-2013/14 • $3,452,850 • PI,CO
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Copy number variations as potential markers for boar fertility

2012/13 • $25,000 • PI
Fertility is a complex trait that has major impact on economical production and profitability in commercial swine operations. A recent estimate of the cost raising and using a single subfertile boar (producing below litter size) for AI was calculated to reach as much as $ 50,000. Currently, it...

Genetic markers of bull fertility

2010/11-2011/12 • $153,000 • PI,CO
The cattle industry has successfully been using genetic markers to select bulls for qualitative traits, especially to reduce recessive genetic disorders, but the current available markers have limited application for quantitative traits, such as fertility. Fertility has become the major breeding...

Canada Research Chair in Animal Reproductive Biotechnology.

2010/11 • $200,000 • PI
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