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Microengineered Platforms for High-throughput Characterization of Cellular Microenvironments

2014/15-2019/20 • $138,000 • PI
Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting 1 out of every 10 people in Canada. The total cost of arthritis is estimated at $33 billion dollars per year. Similarly, millions of patients in Canada undergo procedures to correct bone deformities each year. Tissue engineering...

Development of reliable building plate for liquid crystal display-based stereolithography 3D printing system

2017/18 • $12,500 • PI
The proposed research project is a partnership between researchers at the University of British Columbia, underthe leadership of Dr. Keekyoung Kim, and engineers at 3D Currax Solutions Inc. in Kelowna, BC.The proposed research project will develop a new building plate to permanently fix a film...

Atomic Force Microscopy System for Biomedical, Materials, and Environmental Research

2016/17 • $146,411 • PI,CO
Atomic force microscopy system (AFM) is one of the leading-edge scientific research tools for imaging, measuring, and manipulating samples at the nanoscale level. Specimen information is acquired by scanning its surface with a piezoelectrically driven mechanical probe. The requested AFM will be...

Development of antibacterial plastics for baby bottles

2016/17 • $25,000 • PI
ReliaBrand Inc. is located in Kelowna, BC and the largest manufacturer of baby bottles in Canada and one ofthe foremost baby bottle manufacturers in the world. They are trying to replace their standard plastic bottle withan antibacterial plastic bottle. Antibacterial activity is related to...

Profilometer Urgently Needed to Measure Thickness of Films Made in the Applied Micro and Nanosystems Facility

2015/16 • $41,800 • PI,CO
<p>The Applied Micro and Nanosystems Facility (AMNF) is a multi-disciplinary and multi-user clean-room fabrication facility that supports experimental research of UBC Okanagan professors working in areas such as photonics, plasmonics, lab-on-a-chip systems, fluid dynamics, and biomaterials. This...

Development of material release mechanism for stereolithography-based 3D printing systems

2015/16 • $25,000 • PI
3D Currax Solutions Inc. is a company located in Kelowna, BC. They are developing a mass-production 3D printer with a large printing area using a stereolithography (SLA) technique which is the most promising techniques due to its rapid fabrication ability, printing accuracy, and surface quality....

An in-situ mechanical testing stage for high-resolution X-ray Computed Tomography applications

2014/15 • $105,290 • PI,CO
X-ray tomographic microscopy (µXCT) is a non-destructive technique for acquiring a high-resolution 3D image of the internal structure of materials. At UBC's Okanagan campus, engineering and science researchers are applying this technique to address current technical industrial problems and...



A method for synthesizing hydrogels comprises dissolving a gelatin in a first solvent to form a first solution, methacrylating the first solution using a methacrylating agent to form a solution containing dissolved gelatin methacryloyl, precipitating the gelatin methacryloyl from the solution by adding a second solvent and isolating the precipitated gelatin methacryloyl. The method may further comprise dissolving the precipitated gelatin methacryloyl in a third solvent to remove the second solvent.
Related applications: WO2020CA51089, CA20203089351