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CHILD-BRIGHT: Child Health Initiatives Limiting Disability- Brain Research Improving Growth and Health Trajectories

2015/16-2020/21 • $12,760,751 • PI,Other
The CHILD-BRIGHT network will achieve brighter futures for children with brain-based developmental disabilities (BDD) and their families by creating novel interventions to optimize development, promote healthy outcomes, and deliver responsive and supportive services across the life-course. Our...

Multimorbidity in Children and Youth Across the LIFEcourse (MY LIFE)

2016/17-2020/21 • $1,176,566 • PI,CO
Nearly 15% of youth less than 18 years of age are affected by both a physical and mental health problem, a situation known as 'multimorbidity'. This combination of problems can lead to compromised life quality, hardship for families, and considerable burden on the healthcare system. However,...

Participatory action research for the development of a tailored pediatric-adult transition program

2018/19-2020/21 • $230,354 • PI,CO
As adolescents with chronic health conditions enter adulthood, they need to be prepared to move from child-centered healthcare services to adult-focused healthcare services. A recent review of research about transition programs found that most of them focused on helping young people transfer to...

COVID-19 Effects on Mental Health and Service Provision Effects on Children and Families: The MY LIFE Experience

2020/21 • $165,000 • PI,CO,Other
Children with co-occurring physical and mental illness, or multimorbidity, have poorer quality of life and use more health services. The parents of children with multimorbidity also experience poor mental health. These burdens are likely amplified by the COVID-19 and subsequent countermeasures...

The impact of participation on body functions among youth with physical disabilities: A pragmatic individual-based study

2019/20-2020/21 • $108,589 • PI,CO
Youth with physical disabilities experience greater limitations to participation in community-based activities than do their average-developing peers, which can result in poor health outcomes. Emerging treatment approaches aimed at improving activity and participation have shifted from focusing...

The impact of participation on body functions among youth with physical disabilities: A pragmatic individual-based study

2020/21 • $99,966 • PI,CO
Youth with physical disabilities experience greater limitations to participation in community-based activities than do their average-developing peers, which can result in poor health outcomes. Emerging treatment approaches aimed at improving activity and participation have shifted from focusing...

Family engagement in research: Evaluation, sustainability and scalability of an online training program for family and research partners in child health research

2020/21 • $71,667 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
Internationally, it is recognized that research benefits from meaningful stakeholder involvement. However, how stakeholders (e.g., patients and families) are engaged in research is not self-evident and the demand for such roles has not kept pace with the need for appropriate training. In 2018,...

Quelles sont les répercussions de la pandémie du COVID-19 sur la santé mentale des enfants de 5-12 ans, et quels sont les enjeux particuliers pour les enfants handicapés ou ayant une maladie chronique? Une scoping review des problématiques vécues et des pistes d'interventions prometteuses.

2020/21 • $50,000 • PI,CO,Other
Le COVID-19 a eu un impact sur le quotidien de tous, incluant les enfants d'age scolaire primaire de 5 a 12 qui peuvent souffrir de stress et d'anxiete. Certains enfants pourraient etre davantage a risque de problemes de sante mentale, dont ceux ayant un handicap ou des maladies chroniques. Nous...

Exploring sibling relationships of adolescents with disabilities during health care transition

2020/21 • $34,167 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
As children with disabilities grow up and become adults, they will move from their pediatric to adult health care providers. During this transition in health care, they need to learn how to make their own decisions about their health. This is not easy and they often need help from their family...

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health and Well-being of Caregivers and Families Living with Autism

2020/21 • $34,068 • PI,CO,Other
Caregivers and families (i.e. siblings) with children and adolescents with autism often experience demanding stressors and distress associated with providing care to the family member with autism. We aim to better understand what has been documented regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Planning for the Evaluation of the Impact of the 'F-words' in Childhood Disability across Ontario Organizations

2019/20 • $8,000 • PI,CO,Other
In 2012, the F-words in Childhood Disability (Function, Family, Fitness, Fun, Friends, Future) began to capture the attention of families, service providers and organizations worldwide. In Ontario alone, there has been a significant uptake of the F-words by Children's Treatment Centres, EarlyOn...

Optimizing life success through residential immersive life skills programs for youth with disabilities

2013/14-2018/19 • $412,867 • PI,CO
Objectives: In Canada, between 3.6% and 7.7% of children from birth to 19 years of age are estimated to have a chronic health condition resulting in disability or activity limitations. These young people experience difficulties in employment, schooling, independent living, and establishing...

Prevalence and social determinants of developmental outcomes among 5-year-old children with health disorders: A Pan-Canadian study

2015/16-2018/19 • $378,411 • PI,CO
A health disorder early in life has tremendous impact on a child's developmental health trajectory. Among healthy children, approximately one in five kindergartners (20%) lacks the developmental skills to take advantage of school-based education. Among children with identified special health...

Interventions to Support Transitions in Care for Children and Families with Complex Health Care Needs in the Community

2018/19 • $25,000 • PI,CO,Other
Children and youth with complex health care needs have a variety of conditions that range from less severe to life-threatening or life-limiting. For example, some children depend on medical devices and technologies whereas others require less intensive supports to live, work, and play in...

A Planning Meeting to Advance Physical Activity Assessment and Reporting for Children with a Chronic Medical Condition or Disability

2017/18 • $10,000 • PI,CO
Despite repeated recommendations promoting physical activity for children with a chronic medical condition or disability, we lack information about the optimal frequency, intensity, time (duration) and type of physical activity needed for health benefits. Accelerometers provide an objective way...

Developmental Trajectories of Impairments, Associated Health Conditions, and Participation of Children with Cerebral Palsy

2011/12-2016/17 • $1,008,439 • PI,CO
The aim of this study is to describe the changes in balance (a primary impairment), range of motion limitations, strength, and endurance (secondary impairments), number and impact of health conditions, and participation in self-care and recreation and leisure activities over a four-year period...

The effectiveness of participation-focused interventions on body functions of youth with physical disabilities: An Interrupted Time Series design

2016/17 • $94,289 • PI,Other
Youth with physical disabilities face greater restrictions to participation in community-based activities than their typically developing peers, which can lead to poor health outcomes. Emerging treatment approaches aimed at improving activity and participation have shifted from focusing only on...

Transition of adolescents with chronic health conditions from pediatric to adult health care: Exploring the experiences of youth, families and health professionals.

2013/14-2015/16 • $105,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
Today, one in five Canadian children, adolescents, and young adults live with a chronic physical, developmental, behavioural or emotional condition. Better medical technology and health care means that more youth and young adults with chronic health conditions are now surviving into adulthood....

Children Grow Up: Taking a Life-course Approach to Promote Participation and Life Quality for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy from Childhood to Adulthood

2015/16 • $100,000 • PI,CO
There is a gap in knowledge of the services and supports that best prepare children and youth with childhood onset chronic health conditions for a successful and healthy adulthood. Cerebral Palsy (CP) constitutes a large group of very early-onset neurological disorders in the development of...

Psychiatric comorbidity in children with chronic physical illness: a pilot study

2014/15 • $118,656 • PI,CO
Compared with their healthy peers, children with asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, or juvenile arthritis have about twice the risk for mental health problems that will lower their quality of life and potentially compromise family functioning. Unfortunately, little is known about what influences their...

Improving Lives of Children and Youth with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

2014/15 • $50,000 • PI,Other
Neurodisabilities such as Down Syndrome and epilepsy profoundly affect the lives of as many as one in six Canadian children and their families. In addition to their main diagnosis, many children with a neurodisability also have other chronic conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity...

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute

2014/15 • $6,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
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Stay-FIT: Planning a Community-Based Study to Promote Physical Activity in Youth with Cerebral Palsy

2011/12 • $25,000 • PI,CO
Adolescents with cerebral palsy (CP) have reduced physical activity (PA). As a result, youth with CP may be at increased risk to develop cardiovascular disease. This alarming reality points to the need for a comprehensive approach to lifestyle changes. Currently there are no programs for...