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Analyse cinématique et prototypage d'un robot à actionnement séquentiel

2016/17 • $4,500 • Scholarship/Fellowship
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Simulation et conception d'un générateur d'inertie spatial à 3 degrés de liberté

2015/16 • $4,500 • Scholarship/Fellowship
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A spatial parallel mechanism comprises a platform. Three or more legs configured for extending from a base or ground to the platform, each leg has a distal link, one or more distal joint providing one rotational degree of freedom (DOF) about a distal rotational axis, the distal joint connecting a distal end of the distal link to the platform. A proximal joint provides at least two rotational DOFs at the proximal end of the distal link. Assemblies of joints and links provide DOFs to each said...
Related applications: WO2020CA50264