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Drug delivery systems for the CNS

2010/11 • $2,291 • PI
Significance: One of the major problems in drug discovery for the central nervous system is designing drugs that are efficiently transported across the blood brain barrier with sufficient residency time for efficacy. This is true of many drugs that are being developed for neurodegenerative...


Immunological methods and compositions for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

The present invention relates to immunogenic compositions and peptides comprising residues 4-10 (FRHDSGY) of the amyloid peptide Abeta42. The invention further relates to antibodies that bind to the Abeta(4-10) antigenic determinant. The invention provides methods for treating Alzheimer's disease and for reducing the amyloid load in Alzheimers patients. The invention also relates to methods for designing small molecule inhibitors of amyloid deposition.
Related applications: PL20030373450, CA20032481952, EP20030711746, ES20030711746T, AT20030711746T, EP20100182139