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Aerosol Mechanics

2017/18-2018/19 • $300,000 • PI
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Development of Idealized Geometries that Mimic Upper Airway Deposition of Aerosols and Sprays

2017/18-2018/19 • $110,000 • PI
Particles in the air that we breathe are a major source of detrimental health effects. On the other hand, the intentional delivery of airborne particles to the respiratory tract is an important method of delivering therapeutic drugs for the treatment of diseases e.g. asthma, flu and rhinitis,...

Improved powder production processes

2017/18 • $12,500 • PI
This project will continue work aimed at understanding how process parameters affect an existing technology developed by us for freeze-drying biological and medical solutions to produce powders. Freeze-dried bio-medical powders are used in pharmaceuticals as well as for food. The technology we...

Mechanics of Inhaled Aerosols

2012/13-2016/17 • $190,000 • PI
The delivery of medical aerosols into the respiratory tract is an important method of treating respiratory diseases such as asthma, and is under development for many other diseases. However, at present, no method exists that allows inhaled drug to deposit in a specific, targeted region of the...

L'iMPacT: Low-cost Hybrid Metal 3D Printing and Machining Technology

2016/17 • $146,261 • PI,CO
Hybrid Manufacturing (HM) is a term used to describe processes which combine additive manufacturing (3D printing - AM) with subtractive (machining) processes, enabling multiple operations on a single machine. HM processes combine the benefits of each of these manufacturing techniques while...

Automated Actuator for Evaluation of Regional Droplet Deposition from Nasal Spray Devices in Nasal Airway Replicas

2016/17 • $59,716 • PI,CO
The requested funds will support a new research program to expand our department's internationally-recognized capabilities in the assessment of pharmaceutical aerosol delivery devices to include testing of devices designed to administer drugs directly to the nasal airways. Nasal drug delivery is...

Improved powder production processes

2016/17 • $25,000 • PI
This project will improve and refine an existing technology developed by us for freeze-drying biological andmedical solutions to produce powders. Freeze-dried bio-medical powders are used in pharmaceuticals as wellas for food. The technology we will refine in this project is called atmospheric...

High-Speed Tomographic and Three-Dimensional (3D) Imaging System

2015/16 • $143,893 • PI,CO
<p>Experimental measurements are traditionally carried out in one or two spatial dimensions although the majority of physical mechanisms are inherently three-dimensional. Measurement techniques may also lack the required acquisition frequency to capture the temporal evolution of the phenomenon....

High-Repetition Laser for Image-Based Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics

2014/15 • $141,385 • PI,CO
The transport of a dispersed phase within fluid flow is of paramount importance in many engineering systems. In slurry pipelines in the oil sands industry, the transport of sand particles causes erosion wear, which results in downtime, maintenance costs and reliability issues. Furthermore, the...

Lung Mechanics Simulator for Testing Inhalation Drug Delivery Devices

2014/15 • $62,490 • PI,CO
These funds will assist the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator in developing representative test platforms for evaluation of devices and patient interfaces used to administer medical gases and aerosols. Use of gases in medicine comprises specialized applications in anesthesia, critical...

Realistic lung deposition models and measurements (REALiSM^2)

2012/13-2013/14 • $272,275 • PI,CO
Aerosol particles may have either positive or negative effects on human health. On the positive side,pharmaceutical aerosols are specifically designed to deliver drugs to the lung, while on the negative side, someparticles in the atmosphere or the workplace have been shown to have a toxic...

Fluid-structure mechanics in the upper airways

2013/14 • $24,520 • PI
Obtructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects approximately 20% of adults and this rate is rising. Current continuouspositive pressure (CPAP) treatment methods are invasive and result in a large non-adherent population. ZephyrSleep Technologies, a Canadian startup company, is focused on research and...

Aerosol mechanics in replicas of extrathoracic airways of infants and children

2010/11-2011/12 • $110,400 • PI
Deposition of inhaled aerosols in children is of increasing interest, partly due to advances in aerosol inhalation therapy for treating disease, but also due to increased awareness of the health effects of exposure to environmental aerosols in an increasingly urban population. In order to...



Small airway deposition of orientable drug particles in the lung due to interception is increased through alignment of these particles with an externally applied force such as a magnetic field. Drug particles in one embodiment are made magnetically responsive by loading them with magnetic nanoparticles. Elongated particles have a natural tendency to align parallel to the direction of flow through an airway, and therefore also parallel to airway walls; accordingly, alignment with a magnetic...
Related applications: WO2008CA01672


A filter for mimicking regional lung deposition is provided that includes filter layers of fibrous filter material stacked coaxially and an outer ring portion encircling the fibrous filter material and securing the filter layers together. The fibrous filter material is formed for fibers having a fiber diameter, and the filter has a tunable filter efficiency. A regional lung deposition system capable of measuring constant flow or variable flow is provided that includes a throat simulation...
Related applications: WO2018CA51568, EP20180885912