Grant Ferris

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Recent Research Projects

Microbial Geochemistry

2013/14-2017/18 • $165,000 • PI
Research will focus on quantifying relationships between taxonomic and physiological microbial diversity and spatial-temporal dynamics of hydrogeochemical gradients in surface and groundwater environments. Of immediate concern is the role of ecophysiological diversity among of microorganisms for...

Microbial geochemistry dynamics

2010/11-2012/13 • $115,500 • PI
Bacteria are widely recognized as protagonists of a range of geochemical reactions in pristine and contaminated aqueous environments. The behavior of bacteria as geochemically reactive "agents provocateurs" is engendered not only by their ubiquitous distribution and diverse metabolic...

analytical electron microscope (asem) for research and training in textural and chemical analysis

2010/11 • $143,000 • PI,CO
Detailed chemical and textural analysis of synthetic and natural samples is central to the development of advanced engineered materials as well as to our understanding of the Earth and terrestrial planets. The electron microscope is one of a family of modern instruments used to provide this...