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Recent Research Projects

NSERC CREATE Training program in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

2010/11-2014/15 • $1,500,000 • PI,CO
The CREATE Professional Research Training Programme in Bone and Joint Health Technologies will provide highly qualified personnel trained in the integration of engineering principles, biological sciences, and information technology to solve patient oriented clinical problems through research...

Block co-polymers combining synthetic aqnd biologically based blocks

2010/11-2012/13 • $150,000 • PI
Segmented polyurethanes, "plastics" frequently used in biomedical applications, are composed of alternating incompatible "blocks" of soft and hard segments. In work previously supported by NSERC,we have produced a family of these polyurethanes specifically designed to contain sites within the...

Purchase of a Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave)

2012/13 • $43,886 • PI,CO
We are requesting funds for a steam sterilizer (or autoclave) in support of the research of Drs Andrew Daugulis (AD) and Kimberly Woodhouse (KW), both of whom work with biological systems, requiring sterile conditions that are provided by this equipment. The sterilizer is intended to replace one...

Flow cytometer for advanced cell characterization in tissue-engineering applications

2010/11 • $119,278 • PI,CO
The requested flow cytometry system will enable us to advance our research programs and make important progress towards the development of new strategies to promote tissue regeneration in a broad range of applications, including novel orthopaedic, reconstructive, and cardiac therapies. An...