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Developing the full potential of the large igneous province (LIP) record for multi-commodity, multi-scale exploration targeting

2018/19-2019/20 • $318,000 • PI,CO
Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are huge volume, short duration volcanic/intrusive events that occur every 20-30 million years and rival plate tectonics in importance. LIPs have become an important research focus because they help reveal the configuration of ancient (Pre-Pangea) supercontinents,...

A new tool for Canada's exploration industry: Using the large igneous province record to reconstruct supercontinents back to 2.7 Ga

2012/13-2016/17 • $687,000 • PI,CO
As the financial crisis abates, the resource exploration industry (mining and oil companies) is again expanding to meet growing demand. However, most of the obvious resources have been found and new tools are needed to sharpen exploration strategies to find more deeply hidden deposits. For...

Serial magmatism and growth of the proterozoic continental lithosphere

2010/11-2013/14 • $80,000 • PI
The objective of my research is to better understand the timing and process of the growth of the continents, particularly during a younger part of the Precambrian era (2500-1000 million years ago). This work is achieved through a combination of geological mapping, for example in well exposed...

analytical electron microscope (asem) for research and training in textural and chemical analysis

2010/11 • $143,000 • PI,CO
Detailed chemical and textural analysis of synthetic and natural samples is central to the development of advanced engineered materials as well as to our understanding of the Earth and terrestrial planets. The electron microscope is one of a family of modern instruments used to provide this...

High sensitivity S-option upgrade for an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer system

2010/11 • $24,500 • PI,CO
The inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source with a quadrupole mass filter is the most cost effective instrument for measuring isotopes with moderate precision and high throughput. Combined with a laser ablation source, this is used for dating large numbers of zircon grains to moderate precision....