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Enhancing dewatering, drying, combustion and utilization of pulp and paper mill biosludge

2017/18-2019/20 • $564,600 • PI,CO
Canadian pulp and paper mills generate more than 20 million cubic metres of raw biosludge per year. Biosludge is generated during biological wastewater treatment and consists to >98% of water with the remainder being bacteria and tree residues. Energy intensive dewatering can decrease the water...

Experimental investigation, modeling, and simulation of mold filling and cell structure development in foam injection molding

2018/19-2019/20 • $188,572 • PI,CO
Foam injection molding (FIM), as one of the most versatile technology in plastic foam processing, is capable of producing light-weight parts with complex three-dimensional geometries in a fast production cycle. Its applications range from packing and construction to automotive and aerospace...

Modelling the wetting / dewetting of solid particles.

2014/15-2018/19 • $165,000 • PI
Processes that involve a liquid coating a solid particle ("wetting"), or the removal of a liquid coating from a particle ("dewetting"), are commonplace in industry. The best-known Canadian example comes from Alberta, where oil sands are processed to separate the bitumen that coats sand. Similar...

Fundamental studies of drying, combustion and ash properties of biomass and impacts of pulp and paper mill operations

2012/13-2015/16 • $1,876,000 • PI,CO
Pulp and paper mills in Canada require large amounts of high pressure steam and electric power to operate. About two-thirds of the energy required is supplied by burning the concentrated black liquor (spent pulping liquor) in recovery boilers. The remaining is from biomass boilers, known...

A versatile, multifunctional system for full characterizations of reaction intermediates and pathways for sustainable synthesis of smart materials and value-added chemicals

2015/16 • $141,128 • PI,CO
<p>The versatile, multifunctional system for capturing reaction intermediates will support multiple existing and emerging research programs in the area of smart material discovery and applications, heterogeneous catalysis for fuel and chemical synthesis, next generation technology for bio-fuel...

3D modelling of droplet impact

2010/11-2013/14 • $84,000 • PI
The splash of a drop is a strikingly beautiful phenomenon, and one that most of us are familiar with, if only because such images are regularly incorporated into advertising. What may come as a surprise is that scientists have studied splashing for more than a century, and yet the phenomenon is...

A versatile differential calorimetry system for evaluation of phase transition and fluid-solid interfacial thermodynamics in nano-structured solids, surfactants, and polymers

2012/13 • $147,876 • PI,CO
A high precision and flow through differential scanning calorimeter is requested in this proposal. This instrument will probe the heats associated with phase transition of materials and with the interaction of gas phase species on solid surfaces over a wide pressure and temperature range under...