Denis O'Carroll

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Remediation Education Network (RENEW)

2014/15-2019/20 • $1,650,000 • PI,CO
The Remediation Education Network (RENEW) is a CREATE program that will train the next generation of engineers and scientists in the interdisciplinary professional and technical skills they need to work at cleaning up the most challenging contaminated sites in Canada. Contamination of soil and...

Quantification of groundwater contribution to fecal and nutrient pollution at beaches of the Great Lakes

2012/13-2014/15 • $540,000 • PI,CO
The beaches of the Great Lakes are an important recreational outlet for over 30 million people, yet because of poor water quality many are often inaccessible due to beach advisories. This has severe economic and societal implications. Policy and management approaches have been insufficient in...

Barrier systems engineering for environmental protection from emerging contaminants of concern

2010/11-2011/12 • $395,560 • PI,CO
Canada annually spends over $2 billion in collection and disposal of waste. Barrier systems - comprised of a geomembrane liner (a thin plastic sheet) overlying a geosynthetic clay liner (a thin layer of low permeability clay) and a natural soil layer - are used to line the bottom of land fills...

In situ STAR (Self-sustaining treatment for active remediation)

2011/12 • $114,200 • PI,CO
Without industry, Canadians would not enjoy the prosperity they do. But the cost of this progress has been high: as many as 30,000 chemically contaminated sites around the country, each one a potential threat to human and environmental health. Whether because of poor disposal methods or...