Boguslaw Tomanek

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Central and peripheral determinants of acute and persistent joint pain

2016/17-2019/20 • $393,716 • PI,CO
Pain with motion, pain at rest, pain at night, sharp pain, dull pain-pain is highly variable among and within those afflicted with arthritis. Much is now known about joint tissue changes in arthritis, but only a little is known about how pain that begins in the joint makes its way to the spinal...

The design of a light and compact magnet for MRI

2015/16-2019/20 • $160,000 • PI
MRI is the best non-invasive diagnostic imaging modality providing high quality images of the entire body. However, its high costs and claustrophobic magnet geometry prevent a faster growth and broader applications. Therefore we propose to address these weaknesses by designing a new magnet...

Development of a Multidisciplinary Stem-Cell Program To Fight Congestive Heart Failure

2010/11-2013/14 • $881,321 • PI,CO
Cell transplantation holds great promise for treatment of heart failure. However, the majority of implanted cells usually end up in organs, other than heart. As a result, most studies have only shown a mild to moderate improvement in heart conditions following cell transplantation. Taking...

Antibody-nanoparticle conjugates as molecular imaging agents for solid brain tumour (glioma)

2011/12-2013/14 • $192,279 • PI,CO
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) (WHO grade IV) is a highly aggressive tumour with distinct histopathological features including high proliferation, necrosis, and considerable neo-vascularization. GBM remains one of the most devastating cancers and is among the most common solid tumours in...

The Development of a Molecular Imaging Program for Central Nervous System Neoplasms

2010/11 • $112,672 • PI,CO
The objective of this initiative is to develop a program for bi-modal (magnetic resonance and fluorescence) molecular imaging of the central nervous system neoplasms. To achieve this goal we intend to bring together top Canadian specialists in different fields: molecular biology, biochemistry,...